name Einorion Sarutar Nimbrethil alias Erik Jansson age 4,000 (claims:24) DATE OF BIRTH claims: June 27th 1994 Gender Male species Silver Dragon height 6'2" current residence NYC, NY sexuality Heterosexual Parents Mother:Silivren Nimbrethil
Father:Thalion Nimbrethil

Born the eldest of a set of twins, Einorion’s early life seemed to be laid out for him. He was the heir to the Silver Dragon throne, thus there were many expectations placed upon him. One day he would lead his people, continuing forth on the path that separated them from other dragon types. And, with that in mind? There was hope that he would grow into a powerful, yet positive force. One that steered clear of the defects that afflicted their people. Due to their obsession with keeping the Silvers pure, they resorted to less than ideal measures. And, as a result their kin suffered defects – mentally, as well as with fertility. Yet, as he grew up and was guided – molded into the perfect ruler for his kind? It was without a doubt that most of those negatives skipped over him, though a few remained – hidden just beneath the surface. Darker desires and ideals that he was quickly taught by his mentors to keep hidden away. Despite it all – they didn’t seemed concerned. After all, there were those within their kingdom that were in far worse shape in comparison. The young silver was relatively grounded, despite the somewhat serious and somber aura that could inflict him from time to time.

Thus, growing up in their kingdom he was schooled in all that he would need to know. From politics, war, history, and everything in between. There were also artistic pastimes, which helped as a form of escapism. Likewise, he was taught about wearing a mask in public to hide the darker aspects that threatened to crack the otherwise princely ideal. As Einorion grew, so did some of those less savory interests – yet he remained calm, calculated and without a doubt, reserved. Things could be done, things could be said behind closed doors so long as it wasn’t made public. Then, and only then, would the others gasp and feign offense - all the while doing the same exact thing. There was a slight bitterness that fueled him through those years, drove him to be the very best. Einorion had ambitions – dreams of sorts. To find a means of helping his society stay grounded. Through his young adulthood it became more obvious that there was something stirring beneath the surface. All of those negative things were slowly building up, threatening to spill over into something far worse.

When he reached adulthood and went into his first heat? He had been told of it and prepared the best way possible – yet, actually experiencing it was far different. There was no possible way he could truly have been ready for such an ordeal, and with that? He found himself confined in a room, well-sealed and guarded. Though, he was not alone – as he was given supplies to endure the difficult time, as well as a female dragon around his age. No one thought much of any noises coming from the room; obviously knowing how rough things could get between dragons. Nor did they seem alarmed by the scent of blood. It was only when they discovered the prince crouching above the woman’s half-eaten corpse that they realized what happened. Given that it was one of his own kind, his mother rightfully freaked out – though quickly helped him finish off the body. The family was silenced, permanently, by his father. Which, in the end likely wasn’t the best action taken – only adding to building tensions. However, outside of that event, to all appearances – Einorion was the perfect heir. Seemingly caring and polite, as well as attentive to his people. Not a hint of darkness; thus most fell for his façade.

As time progressed and he found himself well into adulthood, the cracks of a corrupt society slowly started to bleed through the kingdom. That pleasant façade became harder to maintain while rebellions threatened to consume all. The prince found himself indulging that secret side of his; his interests moving towards the more perverse. Einorion was not without his own slaves and as their kingdom began to slowly crumble beneath them due to infighting and open rebellions? The prince fought, helped extinguish as much of it as possible. All the while taking out his frustrations in more creative ways. Exploring the thin line where pain and pleasure melds together, as well as studying. Various means of punishment and torture, thinking that perhaps somehow they could make an example of a few – that perhaps fear was the best tool. Einorion found that there was joy felt in helping to administer things learned behind closed doors. Though effective, it never truly lasted. As long as his hand wasn’t seen giving out that punishment? That was all that mattered.

It was when the final war broke out, toppling an already fractured society, that everything began to fall apart around them. No matter how many battles were won, it was all in vain – as their silvery kingdom was soon laid to ruins. Without a home, those that remained spread out – finding their own way in the world. Some taking residence with other dragon types, others toughing it out within their own little groups. As word of their kingdom's demise spread to others within Faerie, it was then that Einorion slipped away from his family; taking time to wander on his own. Listening for word of random silver encounters by others; hearing of various accounts. Some tales were disheartening. Knowing that his people made enemies over the years, finding that some took the opportunity for revenge on some of his wandering brethren. Their numbers continued to dwindle.

Traveling helped to expand Einorion's horizons, allowing him to experience other things – more species and other environments. To get a glimpse at other perspectives and ways of life. Some of which were peasantry and not something he could participate in. Still, there was something to admire within the spirit of those that found themselves at the bottom. The way that despite receiving the worst of circumstances, many found means of being happy and content. It was something that he never thought he would be able to break down in such a sense. And, without having lost everything? He likely never would have. Time passed and eventually Einorion did find his way back to his family – sharing what he’d heard and learned on his travels. Likewise, hearing of their own activities while they were parted. Despite maintaining that calm, emotionless appearance? The prince felt as if he’d lost his purpose in life. Regardless, he kept that depression from consuming him. Instead he focused on the future – on the fact that one day he would make something for himself, and for others that chose to follow. Of course, he was not sure exactly what that could be – given the state of their species. Still, that hope kept him grounded and sane through the darkest of times.

It wouldn’t take long for Einorion to slip away from his family once again, to travel on his own. Continuing to explore the various things within the world that he’d been previously blind towards. Learning what he could, finding lessons in the simplest of things. It was during these travels that he came across another silver dragon by the name of Eilianel. Einorion had no interest in interacting with the woman, but despite it all? She seemingly persisted – likely due to the fact that she too was alone. Having lost most of her family in the destruction of their kingdom. She was all that remained of what was once a high standing family, allies of his family all the way to the bitter end. It was due to that history that the prince finally relented, allowing her to accompany him.

The two eventually got close, or as close as Einorion could get to anyone after such losses. And, when she went into heat? The prince took her; though that time together did not result in any offspring. However, the event did serve to help put their relationship in another light. With that, they began sleeping together regularly and despite the rarity of it? She eventually found herself pregnant. Of course, the prince was overjoyed as his kind was becoming increasingly rare. They paused their travels – finding a small place to settle, just until she gave birth. However, that joy would not last forever – as when the baby was born? Einorion found himself face to face with a newborn red dragon instead of a silver. Not being idiotic enough to believe that somehow two silver dragons spawned a red dragon, his rage consumed him. That emotion did not stop until he found himself straddling her on the bed, his fist through her chest as he gripped her stilled heart. It was during that aftermath that he found himself with the newborn he considered an ‘abomination’. He knew that there was a time that he would’ve simply drown the infant; though with losing everything and traveling? Einorion found himself taking the infant to a nearby settlement of shadow dragons. Having learned they were rather welcoming, he left the red dragon with them, never looking back.

Einorion mourned for a period of time, slowly wandering until he once again met up with his family. Never speaking of what had occurred; not wanting to tell them that he'd killed another silver dragon. Thus, the events served to make him stay by their side for the remainder of their time in Faerie. Things seemed to go well for the most part, that is until more wars served to bring down the entire Faerie realm. It was at the fault of the Sidhe, of course – and in some dark part of his mind, he couldn’t help but think ‘they certainly upstaged us’. Thus they found themselves in the mortal realm, much to Einorion’s displeasure. It was then that they once again became wanderers; attempting to blend in with the humans. When the time came? They always moved to a new location – knowing that the mortals would eventually catch on to their lack of aging otherwise. Of course, this gave them the opportunity to see many parts of the new world they found themselves trapped within. Eventually, they would find themselves within the United States.

There, they continued to travel from place to place - eventually landing in New York City. Of course Einorion hated it; though he made a valid attempt to fit in. And, in time? The family began building their own underground network – dabbling in profitable, yet illegal activities. As that revenue expanded and they began hiring more individuals? The former prince found himself slowly slipping into the new life; making the best of things. Always wondering and waiting to see if their realm would heal and they could finally return.

DRAGON: As a Silver Dragon, Einorion’s true form is as beautiful as it is fearsome. Spanning in a size of about sixty-one meters; he is massive – outsized only by the Gold Dragons. His eyes are pale; bordering along an icy blue hue. The former Prince's scales and wings are a solid, silvery color – with a reflective quality when the light hits them just right. The claws he has are deadly and have a mother-of-pearl type appearance to them. Finally, there are his teeth – which are razor sharp and pearly white. Overall, Einorion's appearance lives up to the name of his particular draconic type.

HUMAN: Upon first seeing Einorion, one would immediately take note of his hair. Long, flowing blond locks; something that he takes a great deal of pride in. They are accompanied by a fair complexion, pointed ears, and eyes that take on a bluish-green hue. Depending upon both lighting and clothing choice, that is. His features are sharp; defined cheekbones and a strong jawline. All of which is topped off by his stature – being around six-foot-two. He is proud, arrogantly so – thinking highly of his appearance.

His clothing choices typically depend upon where he is going, and the individuals he is attempting to blend in with. While amongst dragon-kin? He tends to stick with clothes that remind him of his lost ‘home’. From silver armor, to trousers and a tunic, and finally robes – whatever is deemed appropriate for the occasion. Things tend to differ while amongst the mortals. Whether it is a suit, a nice pair of slacks, or a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever the case may be? Einorion believes that he can pull off a variety of styles. Anyone that believes otherwise? They are a fool, at least in his eyes.


Alongside all of your typical Dragon strengths and abilities, Einorion possesses those akin to his silver dragon lineage.

SILVER BREATH: With this ability, Einorion can emit a metallic blast. Silver in hue; this substance is cold and will stick to the surface of whatever it hits. When it does, it slowly disintegrates the item or being in question - somewhat akin to acid. This can also be used in his human form; though instead of emitting from his mouth - it is along the lines of casting a destruction spell.

PARALYZING GAS: Just like his first specialty; Einorion can breathe a form of paralyzing gas. Looking somewhat like a greenish fog; this substance does exactly as the name suggests: paralyzes those caught within it. Those subjected to this gas will be effected anywhere between thirty minutes to several hours; depending up their species.

NIGHT: His kind loves nighttime, particularly when the moon is visible. This is also when they are their strongest.

weaknesses & facts

All dragons possess certain weaknesses. Likewise, Einorion shares the same basic ones as they do. However, there are a few that are specific to his kind.

FIRE: Silver dragons prefer colder climates. Thus, Einorion's weakness tends to be fire. This can and will kill him if he takes too much damage from it. A weapon enchanted with it can easily inflict deadly wounds.

ART AND BEAUTY: Such things can distract him terribly. Whether it be a sculpture, painting, music, or an individual: he loves the visually appealing. If you want to catch him off guard? Simply use this against him and he'll be preoccupied for the time being.

random facts
• In addition to his dragon abilities, Einorion uses a sword and shield as well as a bow.

• He is a lover of beauty: art, music, and literature. However, he is also the type to write poetry and not show anyone.

• Einorion knows how to play the harp. He is also skilled at drawing, though this was more of a skill for use during travels and military purposes.

• Is one of the foundering members of an underground crime syndicate alongside his mother and father. He is responsible for much of the financial side of their business dealings, as well as seeking out new contacts/making contracts /etc .

• This business is hidden behind a club called Euphoria, where he is the accountant.

• Despite feeling obligated to have children, Einorion is finding it increasingly difficult to find another silver dragon for such a thing.

• Even though he is a twin, he doesn't feel as close as he thinks he should to his brother.

• Likes to keep his goals high, bordering on what might seem impossible.

• Lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan (pics coming soon).

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