1 All players and characters/pbs must be 18+. There will be no exceptions made to this rule.
2 No God-Modding. Control your own characters, not other player's characters.
3 Keep RL tragedies & controversial issues OUT. While we are totally welcoming to people wanting to share entertainment items and the like with the community, our game is an escape from reality. Please leave anything which is controversial or tragic from real life where it belongs; this includes political happenings/leanings. Pretend time drama only.
4 Goes without saying: don't be an asshole ooc to your fellow players. Likewise, do not cross the ic/ooc line. You can't throw an ooc tantrum to everyone over ic activity. If you have a problem? Work it out. If it can't be resolved by talking, come to the mod.
5 We will accept any pb, within reason. They must be a celebrity in some fashion (models/etc are acceptable. Random woman you found on facebook is not). We will not accept dead pbs. If you are unsure about your pb's acceptance? Ask us.
6 Keep in mind who you are playing. We fully support players with a pairing-centric mentality. However, if your full intention is to join the game for shipping purposes? Please keep in mind who you are playing. We would prefer canon individuals not be used for shipping devices, especially if it makes no sense for them. There is a difference between having a pairing for your character and existing in a game just to ship.
7 Anonymous comments are not allowed in this game. Strike-outs cannot be read by characters; they represent inner thoughts and deleted texts. Privates must be specific.

No: [Private to all Supernaturals]
Yes: [Private to Fred, George, and Alice].
8 Update your friends list regularly. This is not optional, it's a requirement. You will recieve three warnings to update your friends list. After this you will be removed from game. Simply put: it sucks to join a game only to find you can't view half the activity because you are not friended. We want all players to feel welcome and included.
9 M-preg: No, you may not do it.
10 We will not allow any Gods/Goddesses. In our lore, there is only one true God. All of the others are either false (demons) or simply do not exist (made up by man). We would prefer to keep it this way, as many demons in play have connections to these deities in their lore. Therefore, they will not be playable in our game.
11 Bios for canon Angels and Demon: this is RP and we don’t expect a book report, so mix it up. We would like our players to insert their own creativity. You may also take inspiration from books and movies, as well as television. However, do not rip off a character from these sources - we will check. This is not a fandom-based game.
12 There is currently a set limit of five characters per player.
13 If you want to be a species outside our listing, hit up the contact post and ask. If you can change/use your imagination to make it work with our lore? Chances are we'll approve.

Note: you may not be one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse
14 We will have monthly check in posts. Please inform the mod if you need a hiatus, otherwise you might get removed.
15 NO GENDER-SWAPPING CANON ANGELS/DEMONS. We feel that such changes to these individuals would be far too impacting on other canon characters in game. Likewise, anyone that wanted to bring in a canon connected to that individual would be forced to work around said changes - changing some of their lore. Simply put, we feel that keeping them as they prefer being represented is far more considerate. There are exceptions to this rule as some indivuduals are listed as both in different sources (example: Astarte/Astaroth, Jophiel, etc). With these individuals you may choose either gender or you may make them gender fluid.
16 We do allow reincarnation. With such circumstances our gender rules are less severe. Given the fact that reincarnation allows you to come back as either gender. We try to keep in mind what individuals that believe in certain things would find respectful.