Einorion Ìomharach
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Born the eldest of four children, Einorion’s life was already planned before his birth. As the heir of King Sindargon in the kingdom of Troath, there were many expectations placed upon him at a young age. More time was dedicated to duty than childhood games; though that wasn’t to say he didn’t have any fun. His mother often played little games with him the most, when possible. That is, until the time came for him to leave the palace and begin training for his future: one day he would rule over the Elven people. Thus, he would spend his life preparing; being molded to be his very best. After all, his family and his people depended on it.

Einorion was a small child when he was fostered into another house, to begin learning his kingly duties. He would also be taught how to run a household, which didn’t come until he reached adulthood. Until then, he was surrounded by some of his parents' most trusted advisors, all of whom were to help guide him on the right path. Also with him were noble children his own age; they would later hopefully serve to form his inner court and some of his most trusted advisors. His parents visited, though it wasn’t the same as being at home – and Einorion found himself secretly resenting the fact he’d been sent away. It didn’t matter that this was how many of his ancestors were raised and made ready for kingship. Instead of vocalizing his complaints, he buried them within – placing his thoughts on the lessons and tasks ahead. Every so often, the Prince would think about the days leading to his departure from the palace. The way that he clung to his father’s leg, crying and begging not to be sent away. Though, as quick as those memories surfaced? Einorion buried them once again, filing them away as pointless.

As he reached adulthood, the young Prince took on full responsibility of running the household. Learning as he went along, with those around him helping to guide him along the way. Still, he did a good job – or so his tutors told him. More time was focused on what was required of his station and future, less on personal matters. Of course, the youth was curious about certain things – enough so that he eventually bedded one of his female servants. Just once, and then he seemingly moved on; taking a rather cold and distant approach towards the female afterwards. Though, Einorion's reason for doing so was less about the woman and more about his hidden emotions. There was a lot of regret in that first choice, realizing after the fact that he wanted something more from someone. That, he cared nothing for the female – and felt rather empty afterwards. It was that secret side of him, the one that desired romance, that sparked another bit of turmoil. After all, he was promised to be married to a noble woman – even if that woman seemingly changed more often than not. For one reason or another, his mother always changed the arrangement when she found someone ‘more suited’ for him.

Little did he know, there was resentment building up in the female that felt used and betrayed. Einorion, oblivious to this woman’s emotions, didn’t suspect anything – something that he would learn a lesson from later. Eventually, this led to the servant secretly siding with an enemy house, one that desired more than they were entitled to – by any means possible. Eventually, this woman would make her move – helping an assassin into the premises under false pretenses. Despite the planning, they eventually failed at their attempt to take his life. Instead, finding themselves taken out by a solar blast; one that damaged several rooms and sent Einorion into a regenerative slumber. Time would be spent recovering from such an outburst, and eventually the estate would be repaired – and the servant quarters searched. The house connected to it was discovered and made an example out of; something his family hoped would deter others from following.

He’d been hesitant to tell his parents what his connection was to the servant. Eventually he confessed to them, with his head lowered and obvious shame at the situation. After that, he decided that for the most part? He wasn’t ready to deal with women, and it wasn’t like he had the luxury of marrying someone out of love. Thus the young Prince once again set forth to concentrating on other things; actions that would likely not end with an angry woman trying to help kill him. Though, as time continued to pass? Einorion felt himself longing more and more; for someone to love. A person that he could share his life with, despite the fact that seemed impossible. Eventually, his parents seemed to settle on who they thought he should marry. Preparations were underway, and things seemed like they would finally come to pass. That is, if not for the events that would eventually lead to war. One that began with a group of hunters following a mermaid and would ultimately destroy their homeland. After mortals discovered Troath, years passed and they continued to invade. Through it all, blame was placed on the mermaids. They were the ones that allowed themselves to be spotted by the humans; ultimately leading to their discovery of Troath.

During the battle of Troath, lives were lost - and one house that was hit the hardest was none other than Auralas, the house of his future bride. Her life was lost, as was most of her family – with the exception of her youngest brother. Einorion had prepared for battle, been taught skills in combat as well as using his magical abilities. However, actual war? It was different actually experiencing the real thing. Nothing could’ve truly prepared him for the reality; though he managed to survive. And, in the end? Their homeland fell, and with that, their eyes turned towards the origin of the flow of hunters. They set sail for the continent of Caesis, where the hunters originated. There, a war would break out – one that would eventually end with the elves conquering Sylvaris; dethroning the current monarch and rebuilding the city in their style.

As expected, resentment festered among the human citizens that survived. Watching their former home slowly transform into something they didn’t recognize. Regardless, some of them remained while others left. Einorion’s family settled in their new territory, and the elves began a reign that they hoped would be everlasting. Of course, as with it being their new home – Einorion and his siblings resided in the royal palace, both parents having their own reasons for it. More than likely they feared human resentment turning into action, which occurred once or twice. One of the more recent times being a female assassin named Aethera. The punishment that she received due to that failed attempt on his father’s life? Einorion felt was just; though some of the things done to the woman he kept secret. He knew what the guard Mithron was raping the woman, and he went as far as to listen in on it. Staying just out of sight, so no one would notice, though remaining within earshot. And, when the female eventually escaped? The prince kept his silence on some of her torment, feeling no need to out a guard as loyal as Mithron.

Mithron might have been someone he once respected, and Einorion might have listened in on the assault. However, his opinion on him changed forever after those events. Despite feeling the woman ‘deserved it’ in some dark, spiteful part of his heart? He never thought the man capable of doing such a thing. It was the slow realization that Mithron might be capable of far worse – there was no way of knowing. It didn’t matter to Einorion that things like this happened towards enemies during war and times of strife. It was simply something that he wasn’t capable of doing. Thus, Einorion kept his distance, despite everyone being oblivious to why the prince was doing it. To others, it simply seemed that the prince suddenly ceased to notice Mithron's existence.

Currently, some time has passed since that incident, and though it seems like yesterday to an elf? He knows the length of time it is to a mortal being. Regardless, Einorion focuses on his duties, always secretly watching for any attempts on his father’s life; despite having guards assigned to this. Due to his fear and paranoia over losing a parent, he can’t help this instinctual reaction. Regardless, with some tensions still remaining between kingdoms? Einorion continues to focus on training for the future; for what he will do when he one day takes the throne. Perhaps things will get better, perhaps things will get worse. No matter what the situation, the Prince is determined to be prepared – one way or another.

On top of all of the abilities and common magic that the Elves possess, Einorion wields his own elemental strength. One of which has a connection to solar energy, thus giving him a weakness to those with strong darkness manipulations. His abilities are as follows:

Solar manipulation - Through this capability, Einorion is able to produce a solar flare of sorts. Looking something akin to a sunbeam, this element is both blinding and deadly. It typically stems from his fingertips, though in a particularly deadly emergency he can radiate a blast from his person. This flare can incinerate or severely wound those within close proximity, though it is also highly draining and can be fatal to him if overused. After such an extreme outburst, he finds himself worn down and often in need of a period of rest. There is also the fact that he can manipulate this light to create solid pieces of weaponry. The added bonus of this ability is not only fire resistance, but also the power to create light and adsorb attacks consisting of such. Einorion can also infuse solar energy into his weaponry, whether it is a sword or an arrow. Finally, he possesses the ability to create a barrier of light, one that shields him from physical attacks.

Air manipulation – With this ability, Einorion has the capability to create and shape the wind, thus creating a variety of attacks. From a light breeze to a hurricane, he can use this manipulation to various degrees, as well as cause waves in water. There is also aerokinetic combat, as well as inducing an air aura around himself. Finally, he can nullify sound by stilling the air around the needed area. Regardless, this manipulation can be quite draining – so he always maintains a bit of caution while exercising it.

Due to his specialties, Einorion possesses immunity to both solar and air manipulation. After all, if he did not? It would make using his abilities suicidal.

In regards to his powers, his weakness lies within the amount of energy required for some of his most extensive attacks. If Einorion overwhelms himself, it will take time to recover. This leaves him in a vulnerable state, one in which he finds his guards essential. The best opponent against his light abilities would be one that wields the powers of darkness. In such an obstacle, the winner would merely be decided on experience and who holds the highest capabilities over their element.

On a personal level, Einorion dreads disappointing both his parents and his people. Being the heir to his father’s throne, there is always the fear that he will not measure up; that he will make a decision that will destroy everything that they have built. There is also the fact that he loathes the idea of an arranged marriage; something that he knows will happen – whether he likes it or not. Secretly a romantic at heart, he can’t help but wish that he could marry for love; true love. Not the type of love that might come with time, after an arrangement. There’s also a side of him that likes adventure, regardless of how dangerous the situation that arises. Still, for the most part? He buries some of those emotions; those desires – and tries to concentrate on duty. Which is something that is likely to do more harm in the end.


✔Isn't really close to his siblings; slightly paranoid over them.

✔In addition to his magical abilities, Einorion uses a sword and shield as well as a bow.

✔Wants nothing more than to marry someone out of love, though he knows duty comes first.

✔Has a fear of failure; worries about disappointing his family and people. This fear pushes him to try and be his very best.

✔Realizes that it's his duty to have children one day; though he isn't in a hurry. He'll do what is required of him, regardless of his own feelings.

✔Sex isn't important in his life, it seems pointless and he desires something more than the physical.

✔He is a lover of beauty: art, music, and literature. However, he is also the type to write poetry and not show anyone.

✔Due to his father's insistence, Einorion knows how to play the harp. He is also skilled at drawing, though this is more of a skill for use during travels and military purposes.