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Human: One of the first things that someone will notice about Umma’s appearance is her large eyes. Vivid green stands out against pale skin and platinum locks. Those details are accompanied by soft features and full lips. Short in stature, standing at a mere five-foot-two; she is slender yet possesses just a touch of curves. This body-type seemingly works well with a variety of her style choices. After all, she adores dresses of varying hues, as well as the occasional pair of pants. When possible, she will adorn herself in as many accessories as possible – without looking too cluttered. Overall, she prefers a girlish style; one that expresses the general pleasant nature of her persona.

Makeup and hair, manicures and pedicures – she loves it all. There is also a general rule – a girl can never have enough shoes. The collection she possesses is obscene, though a large portion of it is heels. Anything that will add height to her small form is good; at least in her eyes.

Angelic: As far as her appearance goes, her basic features remain the same. Though, it’s the minor details that make a large difference. The first noticeable trait is her wings: ivory in hue, that color scheme bleeding into golden tipped feathers. That pale complexion accentuated with long nails, which possess a mother of pearl type appearance. Likewise – there is a glow about her, as with many of her brethren. Though, hers is not blinding – and possesses a silver hue instead of gold.

There are many different factors that make up the individual known as Ummashtart. She is genuinely a pleasant individual, whom enjoys being around people. Likewise, she is fairly open-minded and doesn’t like to see others mistreated. If she catches you unjustly targeting someone? She is not the type to just stand by and allow such abuse to take place. Thus, comes another personality trait – her mouth. Not one to censor herself, she will speak her mind if it comes down to it. However, she holds a level of politeness – she will not just insult people for no apparent reason. That side of her is specifically reserved for those that earn it. Otherwise – she is happy-go-lucky, optimistic, and holds an air of enthusiasm. Little things amuse her and get her excited, even things that most would typically overlook.

She adores pastel colors and animals; there is also a love for helping others and giving advice. If she notices someone that is single? Ummashtart feels it is her personal duty to help that specific individual. No one should be lonely, right? Though, she is not ignorant – despite her attitude about the world, she is cautious. Not one to allow herself to be taken advantage of; she will tell you off if she sees you making such an attempt. One would be foolish to think that a ‘happy, friendly outlook’ equates to stupidity. After all, being born amongst Hell’s legions leads to a strong, if not persistent individual. Finally, there is a love for cute things in general. If it has a bit of a shimmer to it? There will be some adoration.


As the first daughter born to Amon and Astarte after the Fall, Ummashtart never set eyes upon the glories of Heaven. Instead, as a child she was instructed by the Mother Goddess to be the very damnedest she could. After all, with a father such as Amon – impressive acts for the cause of Hell would be needed to gain favor. And, that is exactly what her mother desired; for Ummashtart to gain some notoriety in the Sin of Wrath’s eyes. Would it be in Astarte’s best interests for the first born girl to show herself as weak? Definitely not, as she obviously desired more attention from him. Thus Ummashtart’s life was filled with lessons; often bordering on outright cruelty, though what would one expect from a demon Mother? During her youth, she was taught how to hold a mask, choosing the best targets, and above all – whom to impress among the ranks in Hell. Embarrassing Astarte wasn’t tolerated, especially if Ummashtart desired to remain within her company. With Hell’s main focus, there is always the need to have some form of stability – and caring. The Mother Goddess provided such, even if that nurturing had its limitations. Thus, the demon was always certain to remember not to cross certain boundaries – unless she desired to find herself amongst all the other unacknowledged spawn of Hell.

Being the notable ‘trophy daughter’ in Astarte’s eyes did gain her a bit of leverage throughout her existence. More often than not, she found that little mistakes would often be disciplined – yet nothing to outright get herself cast out of Astarte’s company. Where others would often be exiled from her sight for far less, Ummashtart still maintained her status. Upon reaching adulthood, the Mother Goddess went as far as to give her a title among her own ranks – Commander in the first of Astarte’s forty legions. Such a task was one that often kept her busy, though that didn’t mean she didn’t find time to go about her own personal missions. One thing in particular she often enjoyed? Traveling amongst the Mortals when given the opportunity. They were rather pathetic, though overall fascinating. Such trips were timed accordingly, never getting in the way of that which Astarte thought important. After all, she was the one she answered to – the one that could either make her existence bearable or absolutely miserable. Or…at least as bearable as one could expect for a damned being.

Amongst most of the events in Ummashtart’s life, one thing in particular that stood out was the birth of her first child. Not spawned from love, but through pressure placed on her by Astarte. One of the demons within the legions had found favor with the Mother Goddess. And, with such came a spark of inspiration. Both Ummashtart and the legionnaire had their positive aspects; both combined would obviously be beneficially. Likewise, Ummashtart could only delay the inevitable for so long. Her Mother would never allow her to go without doing her part to add to the numbers in Hell. Thus, when all was said and done, Ummashtart’s first child was born: a son by the name of Zevach. It was this event that helped plant the seeds of doubt in her heart. Questioning Hell’s purpose, the cause – the cruelty. Where Astarte would cry out in outrage over the innocence punished by circumstance of birth? It made Ummashtart falter on her beliefs; that glimmer of ‘what if’. Though, those doubts would be buried deep within – they didn’t fade. And, with time? They would eventually expand – guiding her to a new placement in life.

As Ummashtart helped mold her first born in his early years? Astarte was always there, under the guise of a ‘helpful mother’. Though, such a thing was initially seen as such? As time passed and Zevach's loyalties seemed to sway towards the Mother Goddess? It was then that Ummashtart saw the true intentions; that ‘being helpful’ wasn’t Astarte’s goal. She desired command; that vanity demanding that she maintained both control and loyalty over her child – and the children spawned from them. However, this realization came about too late and as her son continued to mature? He seemingly wavered towards his grandmother – coming to her for both guidance and nurturing. It left Umma hurt; jealous – and above all…skeptical of her Mother. Something that she’d not felt before; seeing the truth beyond that previous blind idol worship. So she watched, torn – confused, and feeling betrayed. And, for a time she made attempts to distract from those building emotions. Delving deep into her work; leaving her son to work for Astarte as well. Just as she’d wanted, just as Umma had been too blind to see. She’d won that battle and with that knowledge? There was feelings of despair.

Despite everything, Umma did find ways to distract from her Mother’s underhanded ways. Like, tossing herself completely into her work. Those tasks, wooing mortals towards damnation. All for the ultimate goal; and to help impress her parents. That former idol-worship for Astarte long gone; replaced by bitter resentment. Thus, she continued to do her part – keeping the poisonous outlook to herself. Though, the seeds had been planted – it would take the passage of time to turn that spite into something more; something redeemable. Until that point? She struggled forth; carrying those burdens through the years. However, it was when she was given a particular assignment by Astarte that things would shift dramatically. The Mother Goddess had her eyes set on a particular being, a dragon – a rarity among his brethren. Something that she coveted; that she felt was hers by right. So, naturally – she sent her ‘loyal daughter’ to seduce the being, but little did she know? The dragon would wield more influence on Umma than she would have on him.

From that assignment, a daughter named Efa was born. And? Despite the fact that the dragon had influenced Umma’s outlook on things? In the end, she’d obtained the dragon for her Mother. His soul claimed by the demoness. Not only that, but once again – Astarte went about wooing her daughter towards her side. All but replacing Umma’s position in the girl’s eyes. Upon the Halfling coming of age? Umma discovered the truth, that once again her Mother had bested her. Despite her giving it her all; trying to keep Efa by her side? Astarte had won out; much to Umma’s dismay. Self-loathing and regret; the fact that she actually thought that she could win a battle of the wits against her Mother. It had been foolish; something she would always regret. That, instead of constant psychological warfare? She should’ve take her daughter away, hidden her from the Mother Goddess. The punishment would’ve been worth it in the end. So, for many years after? She simply existed, filled with despair – loneliness. Feeling like she no longer mattered. That, she’d lost her purpose and thus herself. Time would eventually help to heal these wounds, alongside newly formed friendships.

In that longing, those darkest moments – Umma eventually encountered an angel by the name of Acacia. A being that managed to see beyond her obvious placement in the world; her species. Noting that despair, that pain – the loneliness. Slowly but surely, with persistence – the angel managed to impact her life and thus her outlook. It would be a long and terrible struggle, accompanied by a lot of grief. In the end? She convinced her that it would be worth it. That, if she stuck by it all – that pain would eventually diminish; that she would know the truth of it all. There was another path in this world, one she could take – one that was filled with light instead of darkness. And thus, she struggled – seeking that redemption. Something that would take centuries to obtain. But, when she did? There was an understanding. And, with that? Acceptance – and a strength forged by where she came from and what she’d endured to find peace.

It’s been a mere hundred years since Umma ascended. Likewise, she currently can be found working alongside Acacia as a healing angel. Both of them residing beneath Raphael, as far as duties are concerned. And, with the recent turn of world events? Both find themselves located in none other than Baneville, Georgia – where they believe that they can do some good. With darker forces at work, perhaps some of those beings can be lured towards the light. After all, if anyone knows about the struggles towards redemption? It is Umma. There is hope that with her experience? She can use it towards the more stubborn of targets. Who can really argue with someone that has seen both Hell as well as Heaven? Either way, regardless of the outcome? She hopes that some good can come of her efforts. And if not? Well, at least she knows that she’s given it her all.

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Basic Information
NAME: Ummashtart
ALIAS: Aislin Hughes
AGE: Ancient (claims 29)
Shortly after Astarte's fall
Claims March 17th, 1987
HEIGHT: 5′2″
SPECIES: Ascended/Angel
Typical Angelic strengths and weaknesses; calling forth holy weapons and armor; Healing light; Solar flare (both by hand and by using weaponry - mainly, her bow).
(note: detailed page coming soon)
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
OCCUPATION: An Angel of Healing
Pharmacy Technician (alias)
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Baneville, GA & Heaven
Countless by both Amon and Astarte.
♂Zevach [Son - 1,000]
♀Efa [Daughter - 700/Demon & Dragon Hybrid]

Despite everything she's gone through, Umma misses her parents. She wishes that things were different, that they could join her. But, she knows that's never going to happen.

Is determined to find a way to lure her children towards the light.

Considers herself a hopeless romantic. She's not really sure how Astarte would feel about this, nor does she really care. She knows their idea of romance differs.

Her biggest struggle? Learning to cope with potential anger. It's something that she knows could be her eventual downfall, if she isn't careful. And, she is in no hurry to return to Hell. After all, she's certain her parents would give her a 'warm welcome' if that occurred.

Another struggle of hers? Vanity. She's well aware of the potential there and doesn't want to fall victim to it. It's a constant obstacle for Umma.

Still gets somewhat nervous around the Archangels.