name Belial current alias Kieran Jansson age Ageless (claims 24) DATE OF BIRTH Celestial Genesis
claims January 20th 1994
species Demon alignment Evil height 6'2" MARITAL STATUS Single sexuality Pansexual CURRENT RESIDENCE New Orleans, LA & Hell Parent God Siblings Lucifer (twin) lines

There are varying amounts of theories behind the demon known as Belial. Some state that he is Lucifer; whilst others declare him to be his father. However, these claims are not correct – as he is a different entity entirely. Some believe that he was formerly of the order of virtues while others say seraphim; both are debatable. One of his truths being that he was created next after Lucifer; a sibling and not his parentage. He was the one that instigated things amongst the others. Ever persuasive; using his ways to plant the poisonous seeds of rebellion in his brother’s heart. Thus, when Michael cast out Lucifer and his forces – Belial was among the first to fall. Indeed, this defeat did little to damper Belial’s views. Instead, they fueled them; and thus the fallen one completely embraced the darker aspects of himself. The things that ultimately make up the being known under a variety of names.

The Father of lies and deceit; some of the contradicting accounts in stories could be traced back to Belial himself. He, being one of the ones that still retains his angelic appearance. The outer shell contradicts his nature; that inner core being false and hollow. Still, Belial has held his sway over many events and influences – all the while feeding the flames of those aspects connected to him. Meddling in the affairs of man time and time again. It’s said that he is a good leader, and thus if bound? Is a great demon to control. One that is very assisting to his subjects; though also true to his nature – if appropriate steps are not taken; will lie. That is, he must be given sacrifices, gifts, or offerings. And unless some divine magic is at work forcing the issue further? Will only tell truths for an hour.

Thus enters his adventure with Solomon. The one that, along with many of his brethren, was summoned by and bound. It’s said that he danced before the King, though that is not the extent of it. Eventually, this tale led to the spread of slander by necromancers. Telling a story of Solomon being seduced by a woman and praying to her God; whom was none other than Belial. Of course, the spread of these rumors earned Belial and many others a trip into the brazen vessel. Sealed away and cast into a lake for a period of time; until the Babylonians took interest. Thinking that Solomon had thrown out some great treasure; they obtained the vessel and released all the demons within. After his release, Belial stuck around for a time; enjoying the period that he was worshipped as a God. It wasn’t the only time he was viewed as such; though one of the instances that directly ties into this account. Naturally, this eventually came to an end – as such things tend to do.

There is also the subject of Nero. It’s said that he descended upon the Earth as such and will return in this form. However, it was actually possession that allowed Belial to play a key role in his history. How this took place is mostly unknown; though the connections to Roman Paganism and willingness at the time were factors. Regardless, the time period likely stems shortly after the murder of Claudius – when the man was seventeen years of age. Which, rumor connects to Nero’s mother Agrippina – in an attempt to put her son into power, thus lending her influence to his rule. However, the murder by Agrippina is unproven and mostly a debate among many historians. During this early part of his reign, things went well enough. Agrippina wielding a lot of influence, along with Nero’s advisors Seneca and Burrus. Things would eventually turn around; as a scandalous scene eventually cast her into an unfavorable light. That is, trying to sit next to Nero while being met with an Armenian envoy. The attempt was stopped by Seneca though that wasn’t the end of it.

Agrippina’s attempts to meddle into Nero’s personal affairs caused her to lose influence over him. Of course, Belial was there – within Nero; playing to appropriate role. Wielding his own level of influence; unrealized by the man at that time. When the woman started playing her hand at attempting to overthrow Nero? That ceased; Belial noting the woman gathering behind a fourteen-year-old Britannicus; who held a better claim to the throne. Naturally, that threat had to be eliminated – and the teenager died – suspiciously and very sudden. Poisoned, of course, though no one could prove this; much less link it to Nero. Which thrilled Belial to no end, as things seemed to be taking the course that he desired. After all, Agrippina being out of the picture could only benefit the demon. All rivals also had to be eliminated; as he wasn’t about to lose his place just yet. The final straw was accusing Agrippina of slandering Nero’s wife. With this as ammunition, the woman was expelled from the imperial residence.

Belial’s influence continued; feeding into the things that Nero wanted. First step? Having Agrippina killed so he would be free to divorce and banish Octavia. Similarly, Nero’s lover Poppaea Sabina also divorcing her husband. The fun didn’t end there; Belial taking complete control when he desired – accusing whomever he pleased of treason and ridding himself of them. Likewise, after protests? He was forced to allow Octavia’s return – only to have her executed shortly after. Mischief continued; Belial taking it upon himself to kick Sabina to death. This helped to further Nero’s continued downward spiral. In all, the demon had a great deal of fun during all of this. From driving a man to suicide so he could marry his wife, Statilia; to eventually casting his eyes upon a young man named Sporus. He resembled the deceased Sabina a great deal; thus this obsession was humored by Belial. The man was ordered to be castrated and was then wed to Nero. The ruler even went as far as to call the young man by Sabina’s name.

There were times that Belial’s presence was felt more than others. Those periods that he took complete control over Nero increased; while other times the Emperor seemingly retained it. All the while, that insanity increased. Whatever cries he might have thought would reach his Gods held no sway. As those very beings were none other than Belial’s brethren; demons hiding behind the façade of false gods. Praying to the false deities would earn him no favors. So, the fun continued – and to this day there is much debate over the Emperor’s reign. Said to be a good ruler to some; though also hyped upon his persecution of the Christians. From rumors of him starting the great fire of Rome so he could build a palatial complex, to him playing his lyre and singing while it burned.

It’s said that the time after the great fire was when Nero tortured and executed the Christians. Their deaths were the subjects of sport; like being covered with the hides of wild animals and worried to death by dogs. This extended to being nailed to crosses, set on fire, and being burned alive for evening lights. Regardless, Belial stuck around for the long haul – finally fleeing Nero before the events leading to his death. When all was said and done, the stories of Nero’s reign would continue on – much to Belial’s delight. Every now and then, he'd add his own little lie into the story as it was passed along; for no reason other than his own given nature.

During his existence, Belial has fathered quite a few children. Though, nothing on the level of some of his fellow fallen. Typically very selective, though in the end there is one child that was born by a witch contracted to him. It was 1973 and the endeavor started predictable enough; the woman named Olivia summoning him in a time of desperation. Wanting some way to help preserve her ailing twin, thus offering herself to his service in exchange for extending her brother’s life. The agreement seemed to benefit Belial; as the witch was loyal beyond what he expected. And, in the end? Olivia seemingly developed strong feelings for the demon she’d summoned; more so than was necessary. It wasn’t just idol worship, there was something else there – something that Belial became well aware of. And, given his nature? He used Olivia‘s feelings against her; manipulating her into doing things that she would never have considered otherwise. Things that went beyond what she was contracted to do. All seemed to be working in Belial’s favor, with the exception of the fact that he started to feel something for the woman. Which, just as his nature was lies and deceit – he began growing cold towards the witch. Attempting to place distance between himself and her. Though, this did not reach a peak until after a specific encounter.

The announcement of the pregnancy was met with a venomous response. His words intending to cut the woman deep. He couldn’t bring himself to simply end her life at that moment, despite whatever lies he would tell himself to excuse it. Thus, he left her – still having her bound to that contract, though never seeking her out during that pregnancy. Nor did he warn her of the inevitable death such a birth would bring her. It didn’t matter to him, she was nothing – just a soul to collect. Or, so the demon liked to tell himself. The deception was preferred, and thus was his nature. So twisted with falsities, never knowing where the lie ended and the truth began. As, the first method of a convincing lie was to make himself believe. Yet, as both his minions and Asmodeus took to checking up on the female? Belial was kept up to date on her condition. Basics were given, anything beyond that was ignored – as he didn’t want it to appear like he cared either way. He was made aware of the fact that she ‘waited’ for him, hoping that his words had been vicious lies and he would return. That the initial kindness and respect she’d received had been the real truth, not the other way around. Instead, he sacrificed her in the name of his own pride.

Of course, Belial never went to the woman during her pregnancy. Despite her hopes, he kept his distance – preferring the façade and allowing her to ultimately die in childbirth. In his mind, her death helped support his stance of ‘not giving a damn’ about her. Thus, when the baby was born on July of 1975? Belial was notified by his minion; which led to him venturing out to gather the infant. Regardless, the result was a half-breed that he had no time to deal with. Part of him was annoyed with himself; after all – it was part human. Of all the damned things to breed with, it was almost laughable. Still, the child was one that could be of use in the future. Another minion for the cause; not to be cast aside. Forget that small part of himself that was actually fascinated by the infant; almost feeling something akin to concern. Of his offspring, this was the only one that possessed human blood. Which pissed Belial off; causing him to lie to himself about that inner turmoil. It was ridiculous; he felt nothing at all for the drooling blob. Thus, he set out to find the perfect beings to properly bring up his son. He didn’t grace him with a name; simply tossing the half-breed to a group of witches that were loyal to him. If they failed in his upbringing? There would be a price to pay; that much was made clear. Leaving that matter in their hands, Belial went back to focusing on Hell’s goals. Occasionally sending one of his legionnaires to check in on the child and return with a progress report.

One thing that is always present in the back of Belial’s mind is the future. That being his eventual appearance on Earth as the Antichrist. However, the time has yet to come – he knows it is slowly approaching. A time in which he will lead many astray and in some accounts is referred to as Nero. However, this is obviously not correct. Regardless, during Judgment it’s said he will be bound and cast into the fires forever. Until this time comes, he keeps himself filled with purpose. His current rendezvous bringing him to New Orleans, LA. A place where several of his brethren have taken to blending amongst the locals and weaving their influence. Here, he disguises himself in the form of a man by the name of Kieran Jansson. Regardless of what the immediate future brings, things should prove to be interesting.

HUMAN: Upon first seeing Belial’s human form, one would immediately take note of his hair. Flowing, long, blond locks; something that he takes a great deal of pride in. Accompanied by a fair complexion and eyes that take on a bluish-green hue. Depending upon both lighting and clothing choice. His features are sharp; defined cheekbones and a strong jawline. All of which is topped off by his stature – being around six-foot-two. He is proud, arrogantly so – thinking highly of his appearance. His clothing choices typically depend upon where he is going, and the individuals he is attempting to blend in with. Whether it be a suit, a nice pair of slacks, or a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever the case may be? He believes that he can pull off a variety of styles. Anyone that believes otherwise? They are a fool, at least in his eyes.

DEMON: Belial’s demonic appearance is not something that most expect. It’s said that he appears as a beautiful angel on a chariot of fire; sometimes noted as two angels. His height remains six-foot-two and possesses a set of large, pearly white wings. Misleading; one would never assume such would be evil. He has a pleasant voice and is seemingly charming. With nails that give off a glass-like sheen; one of many other minor details of this appearance. All of these aspects hide his true nature – the demonic, deceptive being that is Belial. After all, he is lies and deceit – such a masque is seemingly appropriate.

Belial is both an excellent demon to have on your side, and one to be cautious around. Outside the obvious aspect of lies and deceit, he wields a variety of benefits. One of his purposes is to bring about wickedness and guilt. He distributes presentations and helps senators; causes favor among friends and foes. There is also the fact that he gives excellent familiars and with the proper sacrifices, gifts, and offerings – will tell the truth. That is, for only an hour – unless there is some divine magic at work that forces him to lengthen this duration. In addition, if you are into sex outside ye ole wedlock? That’s where Belial comes in: fornication. Though, not something to be confused with ‘giving it out to everyone that will have it’. When that is the case? You are more likely to find yourself dealing with Asmodeus. However, this term is debatable and may merely extend to those engaging in activities with a lack of a serious commitment. (Note: writer doesn't want to own a portion of the chars in game).

Aside from this, Belial wields other abilities akin to his kind. That being the ability to summon unholy armor and weaponry; demonic healing capabilities and senses. There is also the advanced strength and speed; accompanied by any death-like scenario causing him to respawn in Hell. Darkness creation and manipulation is accompanied by earth. Illusions and shapeshifting finalize his arsenal, leaving him with a range of abilities meant to stun, damage, and confuse.

weaknesses Just like all of his brethren, Belial has a variety of weaknesses. Naturally, his own scheming and underhanded nature can be his downfall from time to time. Not that he will admit it happens; as in his own words – it never does. Likewise, he is capable of being bound like any other demon and can be forced to work for those clever enough to pull this off. A priest can also banish him back to Hell for a period of time. However, to do so requires them to be trained in exorcisms. On a personal note, there is often inner turmoil over the future – the things to come. He is still true to his nature; though that doesn’t mean he looks forward to the potential ‘getting defeated, bound, and cast into the flames’ ordeal. It crosses his mind, a lot – though he often distracts himself from it.

Like most demons, he wields a weakness towards holy objects and grounds. All things holy will cause the demon to have to retreat to Hell for a period of time to heal. Just like in his powers, the whole ‘death-like scenario causing him to respawn in Hell’ can be seen as a weakness. It has both its positives and negatives – as it’s better to respawn then be some other being that would experience actual death. Still, it’s not an enjoyable or pride-inducing ordeal. Finally, a high-ranking Angelic being can stifle some of his destructive abilities. Which isn’t the most joyous of experiences.
Upon first meeting Belial, one might assume he is anything but a demon. However, this façade fits into the spectrum of one of many aspects of his persona. That is, lies and deceit – he embodies this from the things he says to the way he carries himself. Evil is not always obvious, thus he finds that he can woo many with that deceptively pleasant personality. Without a doubt, unless being summoned by a witch and appropriate steps taken – he will lie. That’s not to say he won’t tell the truth when he feels like it: he will. However, when it all comes down to it? Belial will lie, whether it is something important or a simplistic comment about the weather. He’ll tell you what he thinks you want to hear and act in a manner that he feels benefits him at the moment. Belial will try to come off like your friend, even if he doesn’t truly think of you as such. Simply put, he is the father of lies and effortlessly lives up to that title.

When it comes to personal matters? Belial is arrogant and manipulative. One way to get him to expose his true nature? Disrespect him; this often brings out his spite. However, he isn’t one to blindly lash out – unless his temper has reached a critical point. Instead, he will often sit back and scheme: planning his course of action against someone. Sometimes it is swift, other times his plans can drag out for a long time. Regardless – eventually he will receive results. Even if some holy being comes about and thwarts his plans, causing said outcome to differ from what he'd hoped. Which, stems into his obsessive streak. Once he has his eye on something? He becomes somewhat determined – and will not relent until it is without a doubt that he cannot win.

titles/etc A King in Hell, Governs 80 infernal legions, Worthless One, Father of Lies and Deceit, Angel of Lawlessness, Angel of Hostility, Angel of Destruction, Demon of Sodomy.

OTHER ALIASES Baalial, Baalam, Baalberith, Baalzephon, Balam, Balan, Balberith, Beal, Belberith, Beleth, Belhor, Belial, Beliar, Beliall, Beliel, Berith, Bileth, Bilet, Byleth, Elberith, Baal Davar, Matanbuchus

random facts • He is the sixty-eighth of the seventy-two spirits of Goetia.
• Is second only to Lucifer.
• Referred to as Hell’s ambassador to Turkey.
• In Paradise Lost, he is the fallen angel responsible for making atheists of priests, including the sons of Eli.
• Part of the Unholy Trinity (the Antichrist).
• Is the source of the vampiric curses.
• Is currently residing within a three-bedroom house. (note: images coming soon)
• Currently the co-owner of Viper's Nest, alongside Asmodeus.

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