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Cara Vallance

Standing at five foot even - Cara wields a slender, petite frame. Large, brown eyes are framed by a curtain of long lashes. Her naturally curly, dark locks are often straightened and dyed a lighter hue. A flawless, olive complexion accentuates those features, accompanied by a contagious smile. Which, when present – wields dimples that add to her youthful appearance. She loves makeup, preferring the look of black cat eyeliner and a makeup color palette that flatters her skin tone. There are occasions that she’ll venture towards a smoky-eye look, though that is typically reserved for special circumstances. Above all, she adores things that don’t overly distract from her actual features.

As far as fashion is concerned, Cara prefers a wardrobe that wields an emphasis on cute. There are times that she’ll attempt to venture towards more ‘sexy’ territory, though it’s typically with her hubby-wubby in mind. Often wearing items of color, whether it is pastels or bright hues. That doesn’t mean she isn’t down for the occasional black piece or two. There’s also a love for jewelry and shoes, both of which she has been accumulating a small collection over the years. Overall, her attire is a direct reflection of her personality.



Born to Luciano and Aria Serafini; Cara was an unexpected addition to the family. Having two older half-siblings from her parents previous marriages – she often found herself often trailing behind her sister, Silvia. Not that she ignore her brother; that was anything but the case. There was admiration for both of them, and thus a close bond amongst the trio that would last into their adult years. Regardless of what life brought, or decisions made – they would always be there for one another. Even if, at times, that bond would be put to the test. Overall, those early years proved to be essential to building the person that Cara would eventually become. Kind, caring, and above all – protective. Never afraid to stick to her beliefs on a matter, even if it didn’t always gain her popularity. All of such would be concealed beneath a fluffy exterior; and with that came an over-protectiveness from her older brother and sister. After all, such was the life of being the ‘baby’ of the family.

Her childhood would be fairly average; nothing traumatic. A fairly ideal existence; one in which her parents wanted nothing but the best opportunities for her. Thus, they tried to enroll her in various activities. Girl Scouts was one of these, though short lived – as Cara dreaded going to those gatherings. Truthfully, she would rather just stay at home and play with her friends in the neighborhood. Not that her parents allowed it; instead they forced her to continue up until she reached the fifth grade. Then, as she ventured off from Elementary School and into Middle School? Her parents finally allowed her to leave the group she dreaded so much. To this day, there is little love lost for the Girl Scouts; even if they have those bomb ass cookies. Which, she’ll still buy…and consistently bitch while eating them.

Just like many girls, her teen years were filled with a plethora experiences. Puberty, which was something that she loathed – as it meant the dreaded monthly suffering. Which, there was initial shyness towards the topic. Something that would only become less awkward to talk about when she reached her late teens. There was also boys...and, just like most of her friends? She found she was crazy about them. So much, that it distracted her from time to time. Which, when it came to her studies? Her parents were quick to put her back into her place. Still, she was shy for the most part; wanting to impress them. Though, she also feared looking like a fool around them. Saying something stupid or lame, getting laughed at – those were her concerns. So, it was left up to the guys her age to come up to her. The first one to do such? A boy by the name of Ethan. He was cute, nice to her, but had a tendency to get himself into a lot of trouble. Which, turned out to be a type she was drawn towards.

Cara started dating Ethan at the age of fifteen. The relationship would last for a few years, up until the day of her prom. Which is when she would encounter Leonardo Vallance. She’d seen him around school on several occasions, though never had the courage to talk to him. Both of them had brought dates, though for whatever spontaneous reason came to mind at the time – they left together. Cara ditched her boyfriend that night, which left her with somewhat of a terrible reputation amongst their fellow friends. There would always be some remorse with how the situation was handled, but she couldn’t regret Leo. Whom, she started dating after that night – both of them seemingly fitting together ideally. Whatever differences they had, they seemed to balance one another out. And, with graduation came the opportunity to branch out. As she discovered, there would be more people to meet, more friends to make. The petty concerns of high school seemed minuscule in the end; despite that guilt about those she’d hurt.

In regards to the opposite sex, venturing out into the working world and dating Leo would help strip away what shyness lingered. Likewise, there was little desire to immediately jump into any form of further education. So, she happily took to finding a variety of jobs; one of which would be at a local grocery store. There, she would work as a cashier for several years – which served her well. However, she did eventually feel she needed a change of pace. Thus, she would leave the position and seek out another – a barista job at a local Starbucks. It could be stressful at times, but overall she preferred it to working at a grocery store. The work hours were flexible enough, and when she needed time off? They allowed it. Which, in December 2014 – she did request some time off for ‘personal reasons’. Telling no one of their plans, for obvious reasons – Leo and Cara eloped. That decision would cause issues amongst her family. Most of which thought that she’d made a terrible mistake.

Despite her own family’s reluctance to accept her decision, Leo’s family seemed to have a different take. Instead, Leo’s sister Freya planned a big reception for the newlywed couple. Which, helped amend any lingering issues with his mother. Though, Cara’s own family would prove more stubborn on the matter. Cara’s made an effort to keep her father, Luciano, away from her husband. That is, until he cooled off a bit…which would take almost an entire year to happen. Only recently has her family come around, slowly accepting the marriage despite its beginnings. Her mother, Aria, was the first to come around, knowing that there was nothing that could be done to change the past. Through her efforts, Cara’s father was eventually talked down. Now? It’s a nice change to be able to bring him around her parents…and not have to worry about her father punching Leo in the face. Silent, angry glaring is a preferred alternative. Her siblings have their own hang-ups on things, though they seem to conduct themselves well enough. Silvia, on the other hand, has her moments: but has yet to physically assault her husband. As of now, Cara takes things one day at a time. All the while, keeping an optimistic view on the future. As long as she has her hubby-wubby, things can only get better.

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Basic Information
NAME: Cara Delia Vallance
MAIDEN NAME: Cara Delia Serafini
AGE: 21
DATE OF BIRTH: June 6th 1994
HEIGHT: 5′0″

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Leo
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

OCCUPATION: Barista (Starbucks)
HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA
ETHNICITY: Italian (Sicilian and Abruzzese)
Luciano Serafini [Father - 52] (pic coming)
Aria Serafini [Mother - 51]
Silvia -- [half-sister 26]
♂ Cristiano Serafini - OPEN [half-brother 30]

Loves animals, would live amongst a herd of the cute and fluffy variety if possible.

The person she looks up to the most? Her sister Silvia, despite their differences that they possess.

Is a romantic and not ashamed to admit it.

Has a slight jealous streak. Would likely beat someone in the head with her heel if they are caught flirting with her man.

She currently owns Sea Monkeys.

Happens to be a big fangirl of Alistair from Dragon Age. This love has helped her build a solid friendship with Toby. Thus, she has deemed them the Ali-bear duo. Alibear = pet name for Alistair.

Owns a cat named Butterbean with Leo. She considers him to be her child.

Loves antique hand-held mirrors.

Currently living in a two-bedroom apartment. [pics coming]

Knows how to sew and knit; both of which she learned from her mother.