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Tyler Jansen


One of the first noticeable traits Tyler possesses is his eyes. Light blue in hue, often a focal point of attention – they are crystal-clear and unnerving to some. More often than not, individuals find that they interpret his glances the wrong way. Still, they are one of his more favorable features. Full lips are another addition; alongside a fair complexion and hair that varies in color. From blond to brownish in hue; the young man finds that he likes to change it up from his natural dark blond shade every now and then. All thanks to the wonders of hair dye, of course. This influence mainly stems from one of his friend’s suggestions; noting that ‘a subtle change can be good’. Who was he to argue with such logic? However, one thing was constant – he prefers to keep his hair more along the short side. Likely, you’ll never see him with shoulder length locks – as he finds that such hair is not suited for him.

Depending upon his mood, his style can sometimes linger along that of a more professional standpoint. Despite this, he does hold the love for jeans and casual shirts; there is no denying certain tastes. That is, a pair of trousers and a t-shirt; a leather jacket or any other type of outerwear along a similar vein. Regardless, even in a casual state – he likes to make his personal style known. Rather, casual but still with some sort of trendy appeal. Overall, he likes to keep fashions that are suited for his slender frame. Of course, there are instances where his eye is a bit off. Thus, leading to an appearance of a ‘skinny man getting devoured completely by his attire’. Other times? It’s ‘what the hell have you done to yourself’. After all, no one is perfect – right?


Upon first meeting Tyler, one would immediately think of him as arrogant. Not that he’d argue with such a statement. In fact, this particular trait is one that he would simply play up. Likely due to the fact that he uses it to deflect from aspects that linger beneath the surface. Talkative to an extent, though it typically depends on the individual in question. If he feels that they are not worth the time? He is likely to go along with just that – thus not acknowledging them. Despite it all, one detail is often missed: Tyler is insecure. There is a sense of abandonment, likely stemming from the absence of his biological father. Which leads to another fear of his: dying alone. As of now? He believes that he is jinxed as far as dating is concerned. Whenever an attempt is made? Fate typically dictates that it eventually falls through. Regardless, Tyler is not one to express such things openly. Instead, he is typically guilty of bottling up many of his emotions. When faced with an individual content with wallowing in their own misery? He can be somewhat comforting at first. Though, if they are content to never move on from the issue? His attitude will eventually shift towards a more harsh nature. If only because he likes to hide his own personal demons.

Among the things that Tyler enjoys? Art; various different aspects of it. Often he can be found either sketching in a drawing pad, or writing down his own stories and thoughts in his trusty notebook. Some of this typically a means of venting his trait of ‘over-thinking things’. He enjoys music, for the most part –ranging from rock to classical. His own weapon of choice? The piano; though he always wished that he could sing…which, he cannot. Instead, he focuses on his strengths; along with the joys his life provides.

Loyal to those that deserve it; the man is not one to turn his back on another. Unless it delves into the realm of ‘deserved’ or ‘self-preservation’. He will always put himself above all…with the exception of his son, Ezra. When his mind is made up on something? It is almost impossible to get him to back down – unless proven wrong without a doubt, or his well-being is threatened. Finally, he possesses a sense of humor – one that can often delve into the category of ‘sarcastic’ or ‘dark’.



Born as the result of a brief affair, Tyler’s arrival into the world was rocky. Despite this beginning, his early years proved to be fairly stable and loving. His Mother, Shauna, went out of her way to provide for Tyler and his twin sister Lydia the best she could. All the while, staying with her parents as she made an attempt to get herself together. During that period, the twins would find themselves spending a lot of time with their grandparents. There were also babysitters, though it took several tries before Shauna eventually settled on the right one. Regardless, what little Tyler remembers from this period? It was happy enough – minus the one thing that bothered him. The absence of that father figure; which led to questions from the young boy. Naturally, most of the details of his parent’s relationship would be discovered during his teen years. When his mother thought that her children would be old enough to understand. Until then? She simply focused on telling them how much he cared about them, and how he was amazing. Which, Shawn couldn’t help but think that if he was so great? Why didn’t his amazing self show up at their door? Such things vocalized would only end with his Mother telling him to ‘stop being smart and go play’. Which he did, because action figures were amazing and he was easily distracted.

It was around the age of seven that Tyler’s life would see the beginning of many changes. During this time, his Mother found herself more than capable of getting a place of her own. Thus, the trio moved into an apartment – and by default, into a new school environment. One where Tyler didn’t know anyone and truthfully didn’t feel he fit in. Therefore, he remained quiet for the most part: getting his schoolwork done while sticking to himself. Not that he didn’t have his occasional outburst; he did – as in the end? Regardless of that quiet period: he couldn’t contain his smart mouth for long. The ever constant factor in this scenario: Tyler was self-preserving and not one that would win in a physical altercation. Luckily, none of those tougher individuals seemed to target him. This avoidance of the physical would seep into his adult life; one where the mere idea of getting into a literal ‘fight’ would scare him. Not that that he’d allow anyone to know that; he had his dignity. If that day were to ever come? There would be that never-ending hope that he’d have a friend there with him. That way, if he got his ass kicked? He’d have someone he knew beside him, keeping him company while they both bled out profusely.

Another change would come during his eighth year; one that would eventually lead to another move. Shauna, feeling that it was time to move on – met a man by the name of Nicholas. He was a lot older than his Mother; to a point that Tyler would question with that child-like wonder. Which, would only end with him getting an explanation about how ‘amazing’ Nicholas happened to be. Naturally, hearing that for every male that he questioned? It made the boy start to really doubt its validity. Either Shauna had a miraculous gift for locating ‘awesome’ people – or Mother didn’t want to discuss the matter further. Regardless, a year later the trio found themselves moving out of the apartment and into Nicholas’ house. Yet, another new school – but this time? Tyler was more talkative in his environment. Instead of his last approach, he went out of his way to make as many friends as possible. It was a turn for the better; Nicholas being an established neurosurgeon with the financial backing to go beyond simply ‘providing’. The man went out of his way to spoil the twins, which obviously earned approval from Shauna. Thus, not long after Tyler’s tenth birthday, Shauna and Nicholas married.

School continued to go well enough, Tyler proving to be just as mouthy as ever – and cautious of whom he targeted. Likewise, just as his sister found a best friend in a girl by the name of Moira; Tyler found Isaac. Befriending each other at the age of twelve, this bond would continue well into adulthood. Whatever differences they had didn’t deter them from becoming close. Just like that, Isaac proved to be one of the few that Tyler would trust enough to allow him to know some of the more hidden aspects of his personality. Which, as he went into his teenage years? He began bottling up more and more of his feelings. Thinking that most of it would only cause him more problems, or make him appear weak in front of others. Still, there was yet another that would bring forth a lot of emotional turmoil. Most of which he would file away from the world; sucking it up. It was none other than Moira; his sister’s best friend. During the age of fifteen, the girl would find herself amidst various troubles at home. Likewise, Lydia went out of her way to try and help her cope with it all. And, with urging – he was also asked to help out. After all, they’d always somewhat gotten along; they didn’t fight. So – for the remainder of that year; he did just that. Hanging out with her when he could, attempting to cheer her up. In addition, as they spent more time together? Tyler started to develop a crush on her…and it seemed the feeling was mutual. At the age of sixteen, they began dating in secret. Pretending to be nothing more than friends around his sister while sneaking off together when the opportunity presented itself.

There were several factors that convinced them to keep their secret. One of them being none other than Lydia. How would she take her best friend getting into a relationship with her brother? Perhaps it was a petty concern, but they didn’t want to test things. Likewise, if Tyler’s overprotective Mother found out? Moira’s frequent nightly sleepovers with Lydia would come to an end, along with the unsupervised visits at their home. Perhaps it would’ve been better if they did know, as things might’ve turned out differently. Regardless, the teenagers would soon find themselves having to tell their parents regardless. As, Moira found herself pregnant – and both parties involved were understandably frightened. And, as that information came to light? Just as they’d expected, Lydia was pissed –though, for the simple fact they felt the need to hide from her. Also, for the carelessness that led to them getting into their dilemma. With all of the chaos that followed the announcement? While Tyler wanted to stick it out with Moira? The girl had other things in mind. For reasons of her own, Moira told him that they should ‘see other people’. Which, in Tyler’s mind was terrible timing…and he didn’t want to be with anyone else. Brokenhearted, though not one to force the issue – he accepted her decision.

Despite his young age, Tyler wasn’t going to shrug off the child he had with Moira. At the age of seventeen, his son was born: Ezra. Thankfully, both his Mother and Stepfather helped fund the child’s expenses; hoping that Tyler would be able to focus more on finishing up high school. Which, he did – and afterwards immediately sought employment. From one customer service job to the next; most of his time was spent ‘getting by’, while using the money that his Stepfather provided him. All went well enough, and soon he found himself attempting to venture out into the dating world again. However, the individual that he started seeing would come as a shock to those that found out. While others would be kept in the dark – mainly Shauna and Nicholas. The man’s name? Anton; his roommate turned lover – both having lived with one another for little over a year. Tyler tried to push Moira to the back of his mind; focusing on his newfound boyfriend. Though, after two years of dating? Anton had enough of being kept a secret from certain members of Tyler’s family. Unable to commit to what he desired, the two broke up and Tyler moved into his sister’s apartment. This arrangement would remain until the beginning of 2015 – when he would make new arrangements with his longtime friend Isaac.

Currently, Tyler is both working for and living with Isaac. Having moved in with him first, things were going well enough until stress led him to make a hasty decision at work. Working as a Bank teller was nice, though during a particular rough week on the job – he quit. Afterwards, realizing the mistake he’d made and the income he suddenly lacked? He began searching for another place of employment – and came upon an agreement with Isaac. Work for him at his adult novelty shop, Ineffable Eros. The man was short on help and Tyler wasn’t in the place to be particularly demanding. Around mid-August 2015, he began his new job; all the while hoping that something else would come along. Until then? He’d attempt to keep himself together, and with his sister’s encouragement? He sought out his Grandparents from his biological father’s side; whom were getting up in years. So far, things went well – and they’d always sent gifts yearly; even if they didn’t actually get to visit in person. Still ever distant, Tyler makes a point to keep in touch with them, all the while seeing what life will toss his way next.

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Basic Information

NAME: Shawn Tyler Jansen
AGE: 26
DATE OF BIRTH: May 8th, 1989
HEIGHT: 5'9" (claims 5'10")


OCCUPATION: Sales Clerk at Ineffable Eros.
HERITAGE: Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and Italian.
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA
Alan Cambell Trucco [Father].
Shauna Murphey [Mother; Maiden: Jansen].
Nicholas Murphey [Stepfather]
♀ Lydia Taylor Jansen [fraternal twin].
♂ Ezra Jansen [9 - 7/9/2006].

LIKES: logic, loyalty, driving, animals, horror movies.

DISLIKES: ignorance, obnoxious behavior, public transportation.


01. When it comes to working out - he'd rather not.

02. Thinks that vampires are played out. However, there are some obvious exceptions.

03. Started playing piano at the age of twelve.

04. Tyler's stepfather was in his late 40s when he married his 30 year old Mother.

05. His dating experience is slim. Outside of the relationship he had during high school, Tyler dated one guy: Anton. This relationship started when he was twenty and lasted two years.

06. Often watches his roommate play video games, but personally sucks at them. He tries, but it all ends with Isaac kicking his character's ass.

07. Has a betta-fish named Oscar. When Tyler is not at home? Isaac is forced to tend to his majesty, 'the fish'. This consists of him keeping Oscar on his nightstand.

08. Possesses a severe case of arachnophobia.

09. Despite his best attempts to move on, he still has strong feelings for his son's mother. Regardless of everyone's claims that 'it was just a high school crush', he can't help himself. Typically, he keeps those emotions to himself; allowing everyone to believe what they want.

10. Likes to take pictures of his roommate while he is sleeping. He wields an impressive collection; dedicating an entire folder to them on his laptop. Why he does this? Even Tyler doesn't know.