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Elias Jansson

Upon first seeing Elias, one would immediately take note of his hair. Long, flowing, blond locks; something that he takes a great deal of pride in. Accompanied by a fair complexion and eyes that take on a bluish-green hue. Depending upon both lighting and clothing choice. His features are sharp; defined cheekbones and a strong jawline. Full lips alongside a smile that is infectious. All of which is topped off by his stature – being around six-foot-two. He is proud, arrogantly so – thinking highly of his appearance.

His wardrobe can vary, depending upon what the circumstance requires. Jeans and a shirt; topped off by a leather jacket when the weather is cold. Likewise; he keeps his jewelry to a minimum. A chain or a ring is the most you’ll see adorning him. When needed, he can go from business casual to a suit and tie. Not that many situations pop up that require such. Elias feels that he looks good regardless of what he wears.

When it comes to Elias, there are various aspects that make up his persona. Despite his initial shy beginning stages; the man is outspoken. Though, not so much that he purposely goes out of his way to hurt people’s feelings. He doesn’t, he actually takes such things into consideration. Unless someone is going out of their way to be an ass to him? He is likely going to try to avoid being willfully cruel. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t do it on accident from time to time. His humor is typically the culprit of such incidents. Which, often leaves him filled with more remorse than he lets on. Once something has been said? Elias tends to stick by his own words. Not one to back down and apologize unless absolutely necessary. For him to do such? He either really cares about the individual involved, or knows that he is in the wrong without a shadow of doubt.

As far as his interests are concerned, Elias loves art. Typically wielding a sketch pad in one hand, he often draws what he feels at the moment. Sometimes, such art can border on darker elements. These things are a glimpse into his inner workings. Despite the happy, carefree persona he tries to present himself as? There is a darker, depressive interior. One filled with grim thoughts and some regrets. No one would know such things about him; as he likes to keep those feelings tucked in. Finally, when it comes to music? He loves it, preferring things varying from rock to classical. Though, his preferred instrument? Guitar; which he’s played since his teenage years. Overall, the man is kind – but not lacking in his moments of being a complete asshole.


Born to Swedish immigrants in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada – Elias had a strict, yet comfortable upbringing. His father, Abjörn, was constantly busy with his work as a businessman; his company specializing in electronics and other appliances. While his Mother, Elsa, worked a full time job as a bakery manager. All the while, Elias and his sister Elava were left with babysitters. Though, despite it all? The boy often found himself trailing behind his older sister; wanting to get into everything she was doing. Such would remain his way; despite the irritation that it might bring to his older sibling. Wherever she went? Elias was certain to follow. Though, admiration only held so much sway. If Elava was getting into any sort of trouble? He was likely to run to his parents later, telling them of everything he’d witnessed. Not necessarily meaning to get her into trouble; but simply lacking the ability to keep his mouth shut. If the child saw it? He had to talk about it. Which, would often end with his sister attempting to get him to ‘stop following her’. It was ridiculous to the child; he didn’t think he was doing any wrong. However, when he got older? He would understand her frustration; and would learn to keep his mouth shut.

School was another matter entirely. During his early years, Elias was somewhat shy – keeping to himself while in the presence of his classmates. Not one to try and bring attention to himself; and wanting nothing more than to be left alone. He didn’t have a lot of friends, and thus was the subject of bullying. Which, led to a great deal of nervousness and insecurities at a young age. All of which his caused a great deal of concern from his parents. It was something that would stick with him, throughout most of his young life. That is, until he reached his teenage years. Until then? He continued to be a loner; though an occasional friend or two would be found here and there. Nothing that would last; as children could often be influenced by their peers. Regardless, the child would eventually grow weary of the treatment. That would lead to him becoming more outspoken as the years progressed.

With teenage years came some changes; both physically and socially. Elias became more outspoken; tired of the treatment during his childhood years. No longer did he seem to care, or tolerate bullying. Instead, he became aggressive – getting into a fight or two during his youth. Some he won, others he lost – regardless, the boy felt he had something to prove. Both to himself and to those around him. Not only that, but as his sister reached adulthood and eventually moved out? Elias found his home life somewhat lonely and lacking. Turning his attention to other sources of comfort. Thus, there was a new approach to life. He soon gained a circle of his own friends. And, with new friends? He started getting interest in girls his age. Dating here and there, nothing would really last. That is, until one girl in particular came into the picture and changed everything. Little did he know, decisions made during his teenage years would impact the rest of his life.

Lydia was popular, more so than Elias. Despite the fact that several different boys at their school liked her? She took interest in him, and he didn’t hesitate to make a move on her. They dated for a while, and when the time came? They took the relationship to the next level. Thus, when Elias was sixteen years old? Lydia found herself pregnant. Panic set in; both teenagers not knowing what to do or how to tell their parents. Eventually, Lydia was the first to break the silence – and they, in turn, called his parents in a rage. The only thing that saved him from their wrath? His sister, who was visiting at the time. Elava was a voice of reason within the chaos; somehow managing to calm their parents down. Nothing would change the facts; nor suddenly make the unborn vanish. The situation had to be dealt with; regardless of their own disappointment. However, that didn’t get Elias off the hook. Instead, his parents made him take up a part-time job as a bagger at a local grocery store. Which, the teenager hated – but went along with it; wishing not to incur more wrath from everyone around him. Regardless, stress of the situation caused the Lydia and Elias to break things off. Though, they would always remain on good terms with one another.

The child was born shortly after Elias turned seventeen. A little girl, who would be named Elina Celeste. His sister helped to pick out the name, alongside his child’s mother. Where Elias couldn’t afford the child? His parents got involved; greatly supplementing the income needed to provide for the child. In time, Elias would graduate from high school. And, with his current responsibilities? Immediately set forth towards the working world. Starting off finding employment at various customer service jobs. From video game stores, to porn shops, and finally – bartending. Nothing seemed good for long term employment. He would also continue to date, though not often and nothing serious came from it. Thus, for a period of time, Elias had a string of short-lived flings and one night stands. Though, it would only take one pregnancy scare to get him to straighten up his ways.

After graduating, Elias lived with several different roommates. Though, as of now? He can be found residing with his sister. That current living situation having established itself since Elias was twenty-three. As of now, he is taking things one day at a time – presently working as a sales clerk at Phoenix Rising. It’s something that will do for now; though Elias can’t help but look towards the future. Better employment is needed; and with his sister’s encouragement? Perhaps it’s also time for him to start venturing towards the dating world. After all, he doesn’t want to be alone forever.

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Basic Information
NAME: Elias Viktor Jansson
AGE: 25
DATE OF BIRTH: January 20th 1991
PLACE OF BIRTH: Las Vegas, Nevada
HEIGHT: 6′2″
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
OCCUPATION: Sales Clerk at Phoenix Rising
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Three bedroom house with his sister in Las Vegas, Nevada
♂ Abjörn Göstav Ingvar Jansson
♀ Elsa Agda Saskia Jansson
♀ Elava Nilsine Saskia Jansson
♀ Elina Celeste Jansson (2/21/2008 - 8)

Owns a betta fish named Oscar.

Is absolutely terrified of spiders.

His father is a businessman for Sparta; a company dedicated to making electronics and appliances.

Loves video games; PC being preferred over Xbox and PS.

Is completely aware of the fact that his sister is responsible for most of their income. However, he doesn't like to admit that he is a leech. Elias definitely doesn't talk about this to his parents; though he's certain they are aware. Otherwise, they'd either be blind or have one hell of a set of parental blinders.

Loves horror moves.

Works at Phoenix Rising a store that sells comics, books, as well as new and used games.

While his daughter mostly lives with her mother; Elias sees her often.

Would like to have more children; one day...when he's ready. Which likely won't be for a long time.

Isn't a big fan of vampires; doesn't find them interesting. One of the few exceptions being Bram Stoker's Dracula with Gary Oldman.