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Daisuke Ishikawa


The first thing someone would notice when meeting Daisuke is his body art. Over the years, he has collected a vast assortment of tattoos and piercings. There is also his taste in clothing, which often varies depending upon his mood. Some days he can be seen wearing nothing more than loose, ripped jeans and a shirt. Other days, he can be found adorned in leather and a variety of accessories. However, one thing that is always consistent is his taste in jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and watches often litter his person in a manner that might be deemed ‘cluttered’. Not that such things really matter to him, as he happens to like the way he presents himself. Regardless, his preference in footwear seems to be rather consistent – boots. This doesn’t mean that he won’t wear shoes – he will, but only when he deems it necessary. Finally, there is his occasional usage of makeup – especially eyeliner. This is something that isn’t quite as frequently used as some might believe.



Despite being the only child, Daisuke often found that life didn’t always come easy. Both of his parents, having originated from Osaka, Japan – moved to the U.S. before he was born. Their destination? San Francisco, a place that would become home to the young man. Regardless, his parents always tried to find some way to make him connect to their roots. Though, he wielded pride over his origins – there was always a disconnect. After all, outside a few visits to the country when he was small? For the most part, Japan felt foreign – so far removed from what he was accustomed to being around. A few things here and there to keep in touch with the country would hardly be equivalent to actually living there. As he grew up, both of his parents were persistent in him knowing the Japanese language. Which, he used around the house –though, as he grew older that knowledge would get a bit rusty. Lack of consistent use often results in such things. Overall, he was happy – though he didn’t have a lot of friends during those early years. He was an introvert, for the most part. Something that his Mother tried to break him of, without success. Both age and experiences would be the only things that would help alleviate some of this.

Growing up the only child also had its perks. Notably, when there was extra money to be spent? His parents would often spend it on him. Whether it be necessities or simple wants, none of that really mattered. And, during those early years he showed a vast amount of creativity. As time progressed, those skills only blossomed. Mainly, residing around the realm of art – drawing and such. Often spending hours simply absorbed in whatever he was sketching at the time. Striving for perfection, Daisuke was often his own worst critic. If there were faults be seen? He would be the first to notice them – even when others didn’t. There was an interest in music, though most of his passion was focused on the things that he would sketch on paper. This would remain a fact, even when he got older – and ventured into his mid to late teens.

His teen years were eventful, for the most part. During this time he slowly crawled out of his introvert-state. Finding more friends, and becoming more outspoken. It was also during this time that he began expressing his own individuality. Some thought that his interests were a bit unusual, though for the most part? He didn’t really give a shit. That laid back, carefree attitude is what initially caught the interest of one girl in particular. Her name was Sarah, and despite being complete opposites – there was attraction. She was a year older than he was, and it was when he was sixteen and she was seventeen that they started officially dating. Despite the differences, it seemed to work – they remained an item. Things were steady enough, that is until Daisuke was in his eighteenth year. During that time? The fun experiences that the duo had together eventually caught up with them. With his girlfriend finding out she was pregnant and both of their parents eventually having been told? They found themselves being pushed towards marriage. Which, they went along with – listening to what they were told they should do.

Marriage presented a whole new world of stress and problems. The birth of his son, Yoshiro, signaled a new chapter in his life. Having opted out of college, Daisuke immediately sought some form of employment to fund his newfound family. There was a period of time that he worked for his Mother, who owned a local floral shop. Which, wasn’t the most ideal career path – but it was better than nothing. Especially while he was looking for something better. Naturally, his wife also took up a job in customer service, both scrapping enough to get by – with the help of their parents. Still – there was that rebellious streak in Daisuke. A part of him that mentally panicked at the thought of being some businessman, lacking any real individuality. Same day, over and over again – no real drive, the death of creativity in his mind. It was this that caused him to start venturing into a field he really desired. One that was met by criticism from everyone in his life. Tattoo artist, it was something that most he knew never fathomed doing. Nor did they consider it to be any real possibility. He was determined to go through the process of making it his career. Despite his mother’s pleas to ‘put that aside and think of your family first’.

It was the path towards his ideal career that helped contribute to the end of his marriage. Attempting to get into the field, going through his apprenticeship and attempting to build up his own clientele. They struggled, and with the eventual addition of a daughter named Kumi – things reached a head. Sarah wanted him to focus on another career path. The more she insisted? The more he did the complete opposite – slowly massing up his own personal collection of body art. Which, cost money – and his wife pointed out that very fact. Funds that could’ve been spent towards Yoshiro and Kumi. It was when his son was five and his daughter was two that she’d finally had enough. They separated; his wife wanting to see just exactly how well they did apart from one another. If she would be happier, if they children would be better off without the consistent arguing around them. So, Daisuke moved out of the apartment they’d been residing in – moving in with a friend for the time being.

As time passed, Daisuke gave up on any real chance of getting back with his wife. After a year, he found a place of his own – a small, crappy apartment that allowed him to save up just enough money to send back to Sarah for the children. He continued to work, surrounding himself with friends and coping with things the best he could. After all, there was a part of him that knew he’d brought all this upon himself. That stubbornness, unwillingness to compromise. With the way things went? No one was shocked by the outcome. And thus, when his son was seven he found himself divorced and for the most part, alone. At first, he didn’t seek out anyone as far as dating was concerned. Daisuke was heartbroken, and despite all that went on between him and his ex? He still loved her, and always would.

Years passed, eventually Daisuke crawled out of that dark state of mind. He managed to secure his own clientele base. And, with that – not all seemed lost. Still working at the same place that he’d initially started at; he felt comfortable. He’d moved up, leaving the crappy apartment behind and finding a decent place to reside. His ex-wife maintained custody of their children, though they would often come to stay with him. When that occurred? He tried his best to make up for lost time, though his son seemed more receptive than his daughter. Kumi always seemed sort of distant, and that would continue up into her adulthood. Which, would always be a source of frustration for him. Though, once again – he felt it was his own doing. His choices placed them all on that path, and thus he had to live with it.

During the past several years, Daisuke has found himself with solid income. Likewise, he’s moved into a two-bedroom house – which he has been renting since early-2014. And, just as everything seemed to be looking up in his life? His son, Yoshiro, seemingly found his own troubles. Both personally and legally – which left Sarah in an awkward position. Their son was well into his twenties and still staying with her…and making no attempt to make something of himself. Instead, she felt that with his determination to remain trouble? She couldn’t help him, nor would she sit around and watch him destroy himself. So, just as she kicked him out? The boy came to him, and Daisuke reluctantly took him in. And went about securing a job for the man – through negotiations. Some of which led him to leave his longtime shop of employment and work at a place owned by a man named Rhys Ichisada. With an apprenticeship secured for his son and him only recently believing that his son won’t rob him blind one day? He’s hoping things will continue to look up all while hoping that he son doesn’t make him regret this newfound trust.

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Basic Information

NAME: Daisuke Anthony Ishikawa
GOES BY: Daisuke, Dai
AGE: 43
DATE OF BIRTH: November 10th, 1972
HEIGHT: 6'0"

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

OCCUPATION:Only Skin Deep [Tattoo Artist/Piercer]
HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA
Renting a two-bedroom house in San Francisco.

Satoshi Ishikawa [Father]
Keiko Ishikawa [Mother]

♀ Sarah Kinoshita [ex-wife]
♀ Shauna Murphey [fling; Sean's Mother]

Yoshiro Ishikawa [Son - 24 (01/17/1992)]
♀ Kumi Ishikawa [Daughter - 21 (02/12/1995)]
♂ Sean Murphey [Son - 6 (10/04/2009)]


° When his son is being an ass? Daisuke is the type to say or do things just to embarrass Yoshiro.

° Does not believe in God, nor an afterlife. Once you die, that's the end - you cease to be. He hates religion, but as long as people don't try and convert him? They can do and believe what they want.

° His son Yoshiro currently stays in his spare bedroom. He forces him to keep a small ponyo on his nightstand, because it was in there first - and he believes it annoys him.

° Eventually did start dating again, after he pulled himself out of that dark period in his life. However, nothing serious has come about - and he has his doubts it ever will.

° Had a vasectomy a year after the birth of his third child, Sean.

° Tries to stay in shape. Often tries to get his son Yoshiro to go running with him - son has yet to agree.

° Despite everything, he is still in love with his ex-wife. However, he doesn't vocalize this fact.

° Doesn't own any kind of pet, but would like one.