Mature Adults Only This game is 18+ only. Therefore, we ask that our players act in a mature fashion where graphic subjects are involved. We also expect our writers to respect one another. Everyone in the community is an adult; this needs to show. If you have a problem with another player that isn't getting resolved, come to the mods and we will help you sort it out.
OOC & IC Keep them separate, it keeps the game sound and your fellow writers sane.
No God-Modding Play your own character. Not Gary's or Sue's. Also, no killing/maiming another writer's character without permission. Said permission needs to be seen by the Mods from both parties before it takes place. Have fun with random NPCs that you create, of course.
ACTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES Remember that IC actions will have IC consequences - both good and bad. We request that you think out your character’s actions before they make them. Furthermore, if you can’t take the heat - just don’t go in the kitchen at all.
PBs PBs must be a viable celebrity in some fashion. No dead celebrities. If you have a question about a pb’s possible acceptance, please ask us.
Character Limit At the moment, there is no limit. We simply ask that no one take on more characters than they can handle.
JOURNALS Journals are a requirement. Usernames may be whatever you’d like them to be, as long as they somehow pertain to the character housed within them. AIM handles are much the same way, if you decide to employ AIM for this community. AIM is not required.
Activity Activity will be checked once a month, every month. Each writer must have at least one posted threading/aim scene either in progress or complete at the time of checks. (There will be one week of warning before checks occur each time.) There needs to be physical actions made and physical reactions given for it to count as a ‘scene’. If these scenes are all left incomplete, a warning will be given. We understand that not all scenes will reach their conclusion from time to time, but there should be a majority that do rather than a minority.
Friend-Lock and Customs All posts need to be friend locked but also kept available for the entire community to view and keep up with. So, friend lock yes, customs no. We want to know what is going on with your character, as that is a large part of being active within a community. With this in mind, AIM scenes must be posted in the threading community for them to be counted towards activity and as game-canon.
Writing Format All scenes need to be made in third person, past tense paragraphs that have some semblance of detail in them. Furthermore, all writers will be expected to have a good grasp of the English language and how grammar works. We are aware that everyone makes mistakes, we make many of our own - but it doesn’t kill a person to make sure they’re not dealing out a paragraph long run on sentence. Use proper capitalization. All applicants that do not will be rejected.
IC Private Messages Keep in mind that private messages may be used, though we ask that any privates to certain groups be made only by those within the Angel or High Ranking Demonic lines, and then only to those of their own kind. 'Private to Supes' on a group level will not be tolerated outside of this. Privates to individuals are still completely acceptable. We merely want everyone to realize that these creatures are masquerading as normal, every day people. If they need to get in touch with one another, try to have them meet in a random scene, please.
Love and Equality. We’re open to pairings of any and all types, as long as that is not a writer’s main focus for having characters within our community. We would, however, like to see that the sexualities are well balanced. Not everyone in the world is going to like their own gender, just as not everyone in the world is going to be attracted to the opposite. Finally, while we’re on this note about sexual situations: Mpreg (male pregnancy) is not a possibility in this community.
Strikes & Anonymous Strike outs strike outs are not readable by characters in game. This, essentially, represents text that the character was going to write but deleted. This is good for giving players an OOC view on the mindset of another player’s character. Likewise, being that this is considered ‘deleted’ text, one can’t reply to it in game. Replying to such content will be considered crossing the IC/OOC line and will NOT be tolerated to any extent. Furthermore, anonymous comments will not be permitted in this game.
Have Fun! This label should not need an explanation.