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Aeron Llywelyn

Upon first seeing Aeron, one would immediately take note of his hair. Flowing, long, blond locks; something that he takes a great deal of pride in. Accompanied by a fair complexion and eyes that take on a bluish-green hue. Depending upon both lighting and clothing choice. His features are sharp; defined cheekbones and a strong jawline. All of which is topped off by his stature – being around six-foot-two. He is proud, arrogantly so – thinking highly of his appearance.

His clothing choices typically depend upon where he is going, and the individuals he is attempting to blend in with. While in the Faerie realm? He tends to stick with clothes fitting of his station. From silver armor, to trousers and a tunic, and finally robes – whatever is deemed appropriate for the occasion. Though, things tend to differ while in the mortal realm. Whether it is a suit, a nice pair of slacks, or a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever the case may be? He believes that he can pull off a variety of styles. Anyone that believes otherwise? They are a fool, at least in his eyes. However, typically these styles are picked out by the residential Fae-helper, Felix. Not that he would brag about this to others in the mortal realm. Ideally, Aeron would prefer to dress in the manner of his realm.


As the first born to the king and queen of the Seelie, expectations were placed on Aeron from a young age. Rightfully so, as he would someday inherit the kingdom – once his father deemed him fit to do so. Despite that immortality, one being could not rule forever. The stress of the position could test even the strongest of the Sidhe. And, with this? Starting at his early years, Aeron would be trained for the position. They would shape the youth in to a ruler that could reign with strength and kindness; without tyranny. A corrupt monarch would never last, and thus could likely lead to the eventual downfall of their family as the royal house. Despite the severity of the lessons to be taught; there was always a curiosity, and a playful yet rebellious streak in the youth. One that his mother, Aeronwen, would attempt to break him of – at least, while in the public eye. Aeron was honor bound to place his people before himself; which was something she beat into his head. More figuratively than physically. Duty, honor, and above all – sacrifice, were the aspects he needed to cultivate within himself. As feelings of a more personal nature could do more harm than good.

Despite his strict upbringing, there would be times that the youth’s judgement would waver. One such incident occurred when Aeron was around the age of thirty. Which, by Sidhe standards – is still a child, despite physical appearances being that of an adult. Regardless, it would be during this time that the young male would have his first relations with a female. That woman being a human; one of the servants in the palace. Fairly new to the Faerie realm and still learning the details of her surroundings. Certainly, she’d somehow earned the Queen’s favor to be employed there at such a stage. Regardless, the brief tryst lasted a mere year before his Mother caught them in the act. Outraged, yet still understanding of the female’s obliviousness; she had the woman sent away. To be housed by members of her extended family. Where, whatever secrets might be discovered? Would quickly be hidden to maintain reputation. It was shortly after that dismissal that Aeronwen would receive dire news.

Upon getting word that the mortal woman was pregnant? The queen went about dealing with the situation. First, telling Aeron of the news – which was met with both worry and sorrow. The feeling that he’d let his parents down, that he’d messed everything up. So, that beginning stage made itself known; something that could stem towards a fate far worse. And, with his mother taking notice of it? She set about, attempting to keep her son from fading. One thing that came to mind? Her longtime friend, the woman that helped her in the past. The one that she’d made arrangements with; the betrothal of their children at a young age. The woman, also seeing her daughter’s future slipping away? Set out to help, sending the girl named Airlia to the royal family. Hoping that the presence would distract the boy from that inner turmoil. That, in essence, it would help pull him back from the brink of his own demise. The plan worked, Airlia helping to console Aeron, and move past the painful experience. And, when the child was eventually born? He was able to meet up with him, without those dark feelings threatening to surface.

Eventually, when his mother felt things were safe? Airlia moved from the guestroom; making her way back home for the time being. And, with the situation behind them? Aeron’s focus returned to his studies; the experience causing the youth to have a new perspective on things. No longer did that playful, rebellious streak interrupt his studies. Such things were reserved for his free time, and would never blind him from his duties again. Not only that, but there was a noticeable lack of human females amongst the servants. Not that he cared, he really didn’t – he knew his mother’s reasons were justified. Who was he to argue? And, as time passed and he immersed himself into his station? There was a growing resentment towards humans. He would never admit the truth behind those feelings. That, it was his own shame over his actions that he reflected on them. Which, would lead to extended periods of absence in his son’s life. As feelings of shame towards the child blossomed. Never truly getting to know the boy, much to his mother’s grief. In truth, Aeronwen would spend more time with his offspring than himself.

Time passed, and with age came wisdom and experience. Though, nothing is perfect – and despite it all? Aeron’s dislike of humans grew. Any attempts by his mother to soften his outlook were rebuffed. Growing tension between the heir and human residents began to surface. Despite appearances, word eventually got out – and with that, an outcry towards the discrimination from the human population. Unable to lie, due to the nature of their species? The Queen had hopes of distracting from those rumors…and silencing them permanently. Thus, his betrothal came into play – something that would be worthy of celebration. Happiness distracting from the issue at hand…until she could find a better way of sorting through the mess. At the age of six hundred, Aeron wed Airlia in ceremony fitting of royalty.

Despite the brief distraction, rumors once again picked up. Aeron’s feelings towards humans was too strong to deny. And, despite attempting to hide it? His disgust was obvious to anyone of the human variety. She continued to use various methods and allies to turn attention away from the situation. Despite those efforts, it only proved to help but so much. In the end, relief would come from an unexpected source. When Aeron reached the age of seven hundred? Aeronwen gave birth to his brother, Adamar. Such was enough motivation to make Aeron taper that attitude towards humans, in appearance only. After all, with the arrival of a brother? There was legitimate reason to make more of an effort. No longer did he have a monopoly on the throne. If he couldn’t fulfill the needs of the people? He could just as easily be replaced. Deemed unsuited to rule the Seelie court. Aeron trained far too long and hard to simply allow such a thing to occur. And, with that newfound ability to hide the distasteful attitude? His mother’s worries seemed to diminish. All, except for the obvious avoidance of his half-breed son. The Halfling had proved to be a valuable asset in distracting the people from that hate. But, truthfully – Aeron needed to fix his outlook on his offspring.

Such dismissal of his own child would go as far as to catch the eye of his father. A man that helped train him in some aspects of ruling, whilst his mother handled the others. Typically, such dealings were left towards Aerowen, though everything has its limits. Of course, this only caused arguments amongst the two – with his mother winning out for the time being. Feeling that she could still handle the situation, that not all hope was lost. And, as time passed and his brother grew into adulthood? Aeronwen saw how the situation could potentially unravel – how Aeron could be replaced. Something that he’d trained his entire life to become. There was knowledge that such an outcome would likely break her oldest, which was enough to strengthen her resolve to fix that outlook.

It was the birth of his son, Elgar, which brought forth various changes in Aeron’s life. It would be the love and protectiveness that he showed over the boy that endeared and annoyed his mother. After all, he didn’t give the same attention to his oldest. The half-breed having grown up without the proper attention from his father. Thus, five years after Elgar’s birth? Aeron’s parents came to an agreement. If their heir was to be a true ruler; a fair king? He would have to learn to treat all living amongst the Seelie Court with equality. One had to be able to put their feelings aside for the greater good. Favoritism within his heart could be felt, as long as it didn’t seep forth into his rule. Thus, Aeron was sent to spend some time within the Mortal Realm. Hoping against all odds that it would help soften his views on humans, while teaching him to resist temptation. A middle ground could be found in all things; it didn’t have to be one extreme or another. The heir could always return to Faerie regularly, but for the time? A majority of his recreational time was to be spent amongst the humans. It annoyed him, of course – but he took the assignment without hesitation. And, with lack of argument? The Prince finds himself in his current situation. There is hope within Aeron’s heart that he can prove to them that he can separate his feelings from his authority. After all, he was born to be the future king – and that is what he intends to remain.

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Basic Information
NAME: Aeron Llywelyn
AGE: 900
DATE OF BIRTH: January 20th
HEIGHT: 6′2″
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
POSITION: Prince (Heir)
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Greenbrier, New York & Faerie
♀ Airlia Llywelyn
♂ Zaos Llywelyn
♀ Aeronwen Llywelyn
♂ Adamar Llywelyn - 200
♂ Aneirin (sidhe/human hybrid) - 869
♂ Elgar Llywelyn - 5
Faerie Realm items

HEALING LIGHT: Alongside all of the typical Sidhe abilities, Aeron’s first specialty comes in the form of healing light. He could heal both others and himself with light. Such illuminance can come from a natural setting, or from his own magic. If severely wounded, a brightly lit area can increase his already potent healing capabilities. Regardless of the extent of this skill; he cannot bring someone back from the edge of death. There is a limitation to all things. If he is able to heal someone before his or her life begins to fade? Then, that magic will triumph. However, if Aeron is fairly drained and in a dark setting? He will not be able to conjure up enough light to heal himself or others.

SOLAR: His second ability is one that he inherited from his mother, Aeronwen. Through this capability, he is able to produce a solar flare of sorts. Looking something akin to a sunbeam, this element is both blinding and deadly. Typically stemming from his fingertips, though in a particularly deadly emergency he can radiate a blast from his person. This flare can incinerate those within close proximity; though it is also highly draining. After such an extreme outburst, he finds himself worn down and often in need of a period of rest. There is also the added bonus that he can control this light and create solid pieces of weaponry. Another plus of this ability is not only fire resistance, but also the power to create light and adsorb attacks consisting of such. Finally, he can create wards to protect himself from magical attacks; both in the form of a magical wall between himself and the attacker. Also, in the form of an aura surrounding his entire form. These wards find weakness towards abilities stemming from ice magic.

Outside your typical Elven weaknesses; Aeron possesses a few of a more personal nature. One of which would be more psychological than physical. As far as relationships are concerned, the sidhe male finds that he keeps his guard up in matters of the heart. While he considers his wife a close, respected friend? There is no love there other than what comes from mutual respect. There is also the matter of humans: he is distrustful of them, due to his early experience. And, despite the obvious dislike for them? There is also attraction that still lingers – which is often the cause of moments of self-loathing. Perhaps it is the weakness, and short lifespan of the creatures? The fact that they are seemingly gone in the blink of an eye. Regardless, he buries those feelings deep – and attempts to focus on how ‘inferior’ they are to the fae races.

His magical disadvantages stem towards both darkness and ice. Things of cold nature can weaken him; magic stemming from such can harm him. Essentially, there is a limitation on how much he can endure. If enough ice magic is used against him? It can kill him just as quickly as a beheading. Dark can also hinder his healing light capabilities, if his magic is fairly drained.

Learned how to play the harp from his mother.

outside of magic use, Aeron was trained to use a sword and shield. He also has some skills with the bow; but doesn't typically use the weapon in combat.

Listens to the advice of both parents; but typically favors his mother's outlook.