name Eirik Nilsson age 200
(appears 25)
Gender Male DATE OF BIRTH May 6th 1816 PLACE OF BIRTH word species Dragon (Silver) caste beta occupation word height 6'2" MATING STATUS Unmated sexuality Heterosexual Parent Verdandi & Nils lines

Born in ---- on May of 1816 to a set of twins; Eirik’s early years proved to be anything but easy. It was during the initial stages of life, those vulnerable years, that his parents would experience loss. Einar, his twin brother was found dead one early morning beside a crying Eirik. It was this loss that helped mold his Mother, Verdandi’s approach towards the surviving son. Despite the fact that he had an older sister named Sigrid; one that was already well into adulthood by the time he was born. During his childhood, Eirik often found that his Mother would not let him stray too far out of her sight. Not that he could blame her, as his particular clan of Silver Dragons already preferred isolation rather than living amongst the other species. It was their means of preserving their culture; one that they felt had developed rather distinctly in comparison to others. Even if such thoughts were more rooted in arrogance rather than facts. It would prove to be something that their group fought to maintain, that is until forced to finally submit to the changing world.

While his parents were never officially ‘together’, Eirik never doubted their love for him. Truth was always something that they preached, and with that? They made no secret of the fact that their feelings towards one another was more along the lines of close friends. Simply put, they’d come to a mutual understanding with the arrangement – feeling that trust and respect set the proper groundwork for the stability needed in parenting. Any other details beyond that? The young dragon didn’t question too much; knowing these facts were the reason behind not being mated. Still, it was his Mother that would provide him with a proper education, while his father was the one to teach him how to properly use his abilities. As well as how to handle himself on the battlefield.

His teenage years were filled with many firsts that would help define him as an individual. There was heavy interest in the opposite sex. And, with his youth came some form of rebellion. Eventually managing to convince his Mother to allow him to venture forth on his own; away from his clan. To neighboring human settlements. It was during his sixteenth year that he would meet a human girl by the name of Cecilia. She was a year older than him and immediately caught his attention. At first it was innocent enough; the occasional run-in here and there. However, this soon turned in to more than just run-ins. Eventually, the girl’s parents found out about the duo and forbid them from seeing one another again. This left the young dragon heartbroken and thus staying away from humans for a period of time. Regardless, the incident wouldn’t be enough to deter him from human women forever.

Eventually, Eirik’s clan came upon a period of transition. The more the youth’s curiosity went toward surrounding humans, the harder it was to maintain that isolation. Knowing that attempting to keep him from exploring their lifestyles would only cause him to venture further, they came to a decision. Eventually moving from their small, isolated residence and into a nearby town. All seemed to go well enough; that is until Eirik reached the age of eighteen. It was then that once again, they found him trailing behind some human woman named Helena. To make matters worse? The female was married, which didn’t seem to deter Eirik in the slightest. No, instead the hardheaded youth saw it as some kind of challenge; an exciting one at that. His mother made attempts to drag him away from the possible disaster. And, while she seemingly believed she’d succeeded? He went behind her back…just as any youth would.

Pursuing the woman eventually led to some form of success – at least, in Eirik’s eyes. Obviously, this view wasn’t shared by her husband. Which, eventually led to the discovery of the affair – and the family of dragons packing up their belongings and leaving the people behind. All the while, his Mother scolded him about the meaning of marriage and mating bonds. Which, of course Eirik would retort that he wasn’t an idiot, he knew exactly what those things meant. He just didn’t care. The backhand received from Verdandi was enough to make him rethink ever speaking in such a tone about unions ever again. His lesson was learned, not only by the discipline and the move? But the painful weekly lectures and ‘re-education on relations and loyalty’. During this time the family would find themselves moving out of Europe and towards the United States. There they would settle in; slowly moving from area to area in an attempt to find a place they could truly call home. Starting in Virginia and eventually making their way towards New York. It was there that they would eventually settle down.

As he grew older, Eirik’s youthful opinions melded into something different. He did feel guilty about his earlier ignorance and the things he’d done in the course of his education. Still, he had learned – and his parents were there to guide him, and beat him into the proper shape when needed. All the while doing various jobs here and there to help pay for his living expenses. Time helped mature Eirik, molding him into something that would make his parents proud. Loyal, obedient, and most of all? One that valued honor and dignity. Someone that was a complete opposite of his teenage self. When he dated? He was dedicated to that individual; never one to sleep around – nor was he one to bed someone already taken. Which only helped to solidify the fact that the move to America had been a good choice overall. The dragon grew to loath disloyalty and a lack of responsibility. However, such a personality didn’t keep him from having a good time here and there.

The world continued to change and the dragon grew along with the times. It was during early 2011 that Eirik found himself both single and working with his Mother at -----. It was around this time that he would encounter a female dragon by the name of Mia. Fun, attractive, and considerably exciting – he found himself hitting it off with her. Despite the fact that he knew she wasn’t going to remain within the area, he still pursued her. After all, her interest in him wasn’t something she made an attempt to hide. It had been some time since he’d been with a female, much less another dragon. Thus, this led to dates and random hookups during the course of several weeks. And, despite his interest in her? The time came and she parted ways, thus leaving Eirik to his own ministrations. For a period of time after her absence? He found himself thinking of her, briefly wondering what happened to the woman that caused his spontaneous side to re-emerge in that span of time.

Eventually, Eirik’s family grew weary of being in the same area for such a long span of time. It was during the end of 2015 that they decided to move elsewhere. The place that they decided to call home? Long Beach, California. It was there that they would take up residence, Eirik moving into a two-bedroom apartment within close proximity of where his parents would be staying. There, he would once again take up working alongside Verdandi. The change of scenery was seemingly refreshing, and there was a feeling of renewal. Whatever the future decided to throw their way? They would be ready…or they would simply move on, just as they always seemingly did.

HUMAN: Upon first seeing Eirik, one would immediately take note of his hair. Flowing, long, blond locks; something that he takes a great deal of pride in. Accompanied by a fair complexion and eyes that take on a bluish-green hue. Depending upon both lighting and clothing choice. His features are sharp; defined cheekbones and a strong jawline. All of which is topped off by his stature – being around six-foot-two. He is proud, arrogantly so – thinking highly of his appearance.

His wardrobe can vary, depending upon what the circumstance requires. Jeans and a shirt; topped off by a leather jacket when the weather is cold. Likewise, he keeps his jewelry to a minimum. A chain or a ring is the most you’ll see adorning him. When needed, he can go from business casual to a suit and tie. Not that many situations pop up that require such. Eirik feels that he looks good regardless of what he wears.

DRAGON: As a Silver Dragon, Eirik’s true form is as beautiful as it is fearsome. Spanning the size of about thirty meters; saying that he is large is an understatement. Regardless, the dragon has reached the pinnacle of his stature. With pale, icy blue eyes accompanied by solid, silvery scales. This natural armor wields a reflective quality when the light hits him just right. Without a doubt, there is no real question on what breed of dragon Eirik happens to be. Finally, deadly claws and razor sharp teeth are only overshadowed by his wingspan. Giving the male an overall appearance that is as formidable as it mesmerizing.

As a Silver Dragon, Eirik’s abilities lean towards colder aspects. His breath is that of frost; a trait shared alongside their White Dragon counterparts. Likewise, there is the high resistance to Fae magic as well as the Merfolk’s Siren Song. While he isn’t exactly immune to damage; Eirik’s silvery scales offer a natural form of armory; helping to guard against blows that might otherwise harm him in human form. For what he lacks in said humanoid form? The man more than makes up for in his true form due to size, strength, and skill. Lastly, if things get too dire? There is always the fact that he CAN fly away from said situation. Which is an obvious given, since he is a giant, winged beast.

Outside of the dragon species bonuses? Eirik wields a few personal skills of his own. He is an artist, a painter – having spent countless periods of his life helping to perfect that talent. The man also keeps a sketchpad; where he often draws whatever comes to mind. From his everyday surroundings, to those that have come and gone throughout his life. It’s a way to vent out some of that inner turmoil; as well as to express inner longings. After all, art is another means of showing emotions. He often prefers spending his time doing that, rather than fighting. Even if he is capable of holding his own in battle, such facts don’t require a constant show of strength or skill.

weaknesses As a Dragon, Eirik’s biggest weakness is that of his humanoid form. Possessing no real outright added endurances or abilities; he is as easily slain as a mere human. Which, when it comes to an actual altercation? It is often best that he switch out of said form. This isn’t always possible, especially when confined in smaller areas. And, even then? Eirik's true form doesn’t represent a definite victory. There is always the possibility that his opponent might find a way to pierce the vulnerable area in his scaly armor. That can be found along his lower abdomen, slightly off-centered towards his left hip. Finally, there is his size in his dragon form. Given how large he is? Such a form isn’t exactly ideal when it comes to ‘sneak attacks’. Thus, limiting him to his humanoid form for anything which may take stealth. After all, who isn’t going to see something the side of a building casually sneaking up on them?
There are many different aspects that make up the whole of Eirik. First, the level of maturity that is a direct result of his upbringing. Such characteristics do not overshadow his compassion; in fact, they go hand in hand. Rather relaxed and seemingly carefree at first impression – there is more to the dragon than meets the eye. He isn’t one to run headfirst into a situation without careful observation. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to take risks here and there. Without a doubt, Eirik is the type to stand up for what he believes in, regardless if the battle seems completely hopeless. And, when it comes to those that he holds dear? The dragon is loyal and willing to stand by their side regardless of the challenges that they face. That is, unless that individual is completely in the wrong. Only then will he cast those loyalties aside in favor of what is right. Despite all of this, he does have a sense of humor; sometimes bordering on sarcastic. Which causes the occasional argument when people take those words to heart.

A lover of beautiful things, from music to art and everything in between. Eirik is a collector of such things; typically leaning towards items that stand out. Often, this is a source of distraction for him. Whether it be a sculpture, painting, music, or an individual: he loves the visually appealing. If you want to catch him off guard? Simply use this against him and he'll be preoccupied for the time being. Likewise, the dragon has a weakness for the fairer species, and in that aspect? It doesn’t simply stop at other draconic types. On more than one occasion, Eirik has found himself attracted to human women. Why? The dragon is not exactly sure of the reason himself. However, when it comes to actually keeping said items? The dragon keeps his interests focused on inanimate objects and not living beings. He isn’t exactly the type to take someone against their will.

random facts • Has a five year old daughter named Anila with Mia (12/3/2011). However, he is currently unaware of her existence.

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