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Tyler Jansen


One of the first noticeable traits Tyler possesses is his eyes. Light blue in hue, often a focal point of attention – they are crystal-clear and unnerving to some. More often than not, individuals find that they interpret his glances the wrong way. Still, they are one of his more favorable features. Full lips are another addition; alongside a fair complexion and hair that varies in color. From blond to brownish in hue; the young man finds that he likes to change it up from his natural dark blond shade every now and then. All thanks to the wonders of hair dye, of course. This influence mainly stems from one of his friend’s suggestions; noting that ‘a subtle change can be good’. Who was he to argue with such logic? However, one thing was constant – he prefers to keep his hair more along the short side. Likely, you’ll never see him with shoulder length locks – as he finds that such hair is not suited for him.

Depending upon his mood, his style can sometimes linger along that of a more professional standpoint. Despite this, he does hold the love for jeans and casual shirts; there is no denying certain tastes. That is, a pair of trousers and a t-shirt; a leather jacket or any other type of outerwear along a similar vein. Regardless, even in a casual state – he likes to make his personal style known. Rather, casual but still with some sort of trendy appeal. Overall, he likes to keep fashions that are suited for his slender frame. Of course, there are instances where his eye is a bit off. Thus, leading to an appearance of a ‘skinny man getting devoured completely by his attire’. Other times? It’s ‘what the hell have you done to yourself’. After all, no one is perfect – right?



The result of a teenage pregnancy, Tyler was adopted into the Jansen family upon infancy. Despite this beginning, his early years proved to be fairly stable and loving. Too young to really dwell upon his biological lineage, the boy maintained a happy quality to his person. Of course, he was the youngest of the three adopted siblings – accompanied by Tobias and later Allison; the family coming together from various backgrounds. While their father, Anders, spent more time favoring his sister – perhaps to help her open up. Tyler clung to Charlotte, whom seemed to dote upon him. If Tobias wielded any jealously towards his sibling? The boy was too young to notice – or care for that matter. Instead, often times the oldest child found Tyler trotting behind him clumsily; curious as to every little thing he did. After all, he was the oldest brother – and quite fascinating. Even when he seemed annoyed by the constant shadow that was otherwise known as Tyler.

In regards to trailing behind his brother? Tyler’s late childhood and pre-teen years would prove no different. Still, there were times that he knew that he had to be bothersome – though, he couldn’t bring himself to care. Instead, there was almost some sort of joy brought forth from the very idea. Little brothers were supposed to be annoying to their elder siblings, right? Seemed logical enough to Tyler. Of course, this didn’t mean that he possessed no life outside trolling behind his elder siblings. In school, he did well enough – despite random outbursts during class from time to time. He was popular enough and during the beginning years of school? He had a tendency to bully some of the other children…though, when a few of those students started to outgrow him in stature? He wielded enough common sense to change his ways. After all, he was self-preserving to an extent. It would do little good to start fights, only to have to run to Tobias crying for defense.

During his teenage years, Tyler found that his interests leaned towards the girls his age, as well as the boys. Not that he went around vocalizing such; instead? He kept certain interests to himself for the most part. Out of fear on how others would take such knowledge. Instead, he found himself awkwardly going to his older brother for advice on all things dating…as far as females were concerned. Certain things need not come up, at least unless the issue was forced to the surface. Naturally, he could’ve went to Allison for advice on females…since she was one of those. However, he felt that would’ve been an uncomfortable experience for them both. Perhaps that was more his own feelings than hers, but the fact remained. These years would prove to be crucial in developing the man he would eventually become. Someone who was cautious, slightly arrogant, and mouthy – though self-preserving.

After high school was over, the man found himself unsure as to what he should do with his life. He noted some of his friends going away for college, others preparing for the working world. Tyler? There was a feeling of uncertainty and slight hopelessness. What if he went for a certain career and later found he despised it? All that work and effort for nothing. Thus, it was decided that he could hold off on that decision, give himself time to weigh over his options. During that time? He entered the working world; finding a few small jobs here and there, hoping for the best. Not possessing the money to afford to move out, he remained living with his parents. However, there was only so much he could take – and eventually he began working at a local bank. He saved up his money, and upon reaching the age of twenty – he moved into an apartment with one of his friends, Ezra.

The living arrangements were all well and good, though a two-bedroom apartment. However, after several years – the duo would move. They got along fairly well, as far as living together was concerned. What money they didn’t make combined? Tyler’s adoptive parents would assist them with; shelling out a bit of cash for added living expenses. Shortly after Tyler’s twenty-second birthday? They packed up, moving into a two-bedroom townhouse. Which, they both liked better – and don’t see themselves moving out of anytime soon. That is, unless something suddenly comes up – then things will be dealt with as they come. During the initial stages of the move? Tyler would also find himself meeting a guy by the name of Anton. It was more along the lines of ‘friends with benefits’ than an actual relationship. Still, the arrangement continued for about a year – until Tyler’s brother accidentally walked in on them one evening. He’d known he was coming over, though he’d forgotten the tiny detail of ‘giving his brother a spare key’. Just in case his roommate and himself went somewhere and needed someone to check in on the place. The damage was done, things became kind of awkward after that – and both Tyler and Anton decided to end their arrangement. This incident led to Tyler telling his sister about his preferences. However, his parents remain in the dark…at least, he hasn’t told them as of yet.

His dating life hasn’t always been that great. Not that his choices are physically abusive. Instead, Tyler seems to be drawn towards assholes and bitches. Which, hasn’t gone past his brother’s notice. Still, he’s dated several people over the years – though, mostly women. One, being a woman by the name of Vivianne. They began dating when Tyler was twenty-four and things seemed to go well at first. The relationship lasted for several months, until Anton uncovered a few secrets on the woman. Those being? She was seeing several guys at once and even went as far as to try and hit on him while Tyler was absent. Which caused the relationship to end – and a newfound appreciation for his friendship with Anton to emerge. And thus, Tyler decided to focus less on dating and more on other things in life.

Currently, the man finds himself employed at a porn store by the name of Ineffable Eros. Having worked there since August 2015; the circumstances of his career shift aren’t exactly a source of pride. After a slight temper tantrum with one of his co-workers at the bank, he had quit. Immediately regretting his decision due to bills and such, he began scouring the area for employment. Grabbing the first thing he could get his hands on, he secured the sales clerk position at the shop. So far, things are going well – he gets along with his co-workers. No insufferable assholes to argue with, at the very least. Which is always a plus in his book. Beyond that? There is a growing curiosity about his birth parents, which brings forth some internal conflict. Regardless, he simply takes things one day at a time; hoping against all odds that perhaps he’ll find whatever it is he is looking for in life.

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NAME: Tyler Aidan Jansen
NICKNAMES: anything but Ty, please.
AGE: 26
DATE OF BIRTH: February 24th, 1989
HEIGHT: 5'10"


OCCUPATION: Sales Clerk at Ineffable Eros.
HERITAGE: Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and German
Anders Jansen (adoptive-Father)
Charlotte Jansen (adoptive-Mother)
Tobias Jae-Hyeon Jansen
Allison Prabha Jansen

LIKES: logic, loyalty, driving, animals, horror movies.

DISLIKES: ignorance, obnoxious behavior, public transportation.


01. Started playing the piano at the age of twelve.

02. His adoptive father, Anders, is currently in his sixties and a neurosurgeon. While, his adoptive Mother is currently in her fifties.

03. Possesses a fear of heights.

04. Will often watch his roommate play video games, but personally sucks at them.

05. Has a betta-fish named Oscar. When Tyler is not at home? Ezra is forced to tend to his majesty, 'the fish'. This consists of him keeping Oscar on his nightstand.

06. When it comes to working out - he'd rather not.

07. Thinks that vampires are played out. However, there are some obvious exceptions.

08. Thinks that sushi is overrated.

09. Mouths off at times, but wields no fighting skills to back it up. Instead, he is more likely to slowly scoot behind his siblings for defense.

10. Possesses a severe case of arachnophobia.