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Trent Watanabe


Upon looking at Trent, one would note that his style isn’t one that screams ‘over the top’. He often likes to keep it comfortable, preferring a pair of jeans and a shirt with minimal accessories. At most, he can be found wearing a necklace, a watch or wristband, and a ring. There is also leather jackets, something that he prefers above all else. He enjoys topping it all off with a nice pair of boots, something he personally finds to be both comfortable and durable. One thing to note is the detail of his hair – it can sometimes be found dyed, though the colors are typically among the more natural spectrum. Simply put, he’d never be caught dead with purple or pink hair. There is also the minor detail of eyeliner – every once in a while he can be found adorned it. Though, it’s typically reserved for his musical endeavors. Lastly, there is his body art; the man loves tattoos and it shows. Most of his work was done by Rhys Ichisada and ventures artistically into a darker realm.



The eldest of three children, Trent often found himself left to his own devices. With both of his siblings being girls, the majority of his parents' fawning was placed upon them. However, that didn’t bother the youth one bit. If anything, he preferred the lack of notice from time to time. While the girls were doted upon, he could get away with many minuscule childhood antics. That didn’t mean that he was a trouble maker as a child; he was anything but that. He excelled in school, often being the child that seemed to catch onto lessons easier than most. This often left him being placed in advanced classes, which was a large contrast to his siblings. Be the best at whatever you do in life – that was the words that his father told him and thus he strived to live up to those expectations. Still, when one seemed to do so well on their own, why bother micromanaging them? Especially when his younger siblings needed more guidance than him. Did he resent his sisters for existing? No, if anything the coming of siblings was a blessing.

One of his interests from an early age was cars, though that isn’t an uncommon thing among boys. Still, his devotion to them seemed to extend far beyond that of most others. It was a different realm from his father, whom happened to be a college professor. This wasn’t the extent of his hobbies growing up. There was that love of music that extended from an early age. At first, Trent took up the guitar and despite his growing skill in it, eventually switched over to bass guitar. Music was something that came almost natural to him and despite his father’s annoyance – he figured things could be a lot worse. The boy was staying out of trouble and that’s all that mattered. His sister Ayame happened to be a lot of trouble. Perhaps it was just as well, as the family probably couldn’t cope with more than one child being a handful. Eventually, Trent graduated from high school and began pursuing a career in auto mechanics. In time, with the appropriate local college courses and on-the-job training, he was able to get his certification.

Often times, one needs to have something to entertain themselves outside of their career. Trent was no different in this aspect. One thing he held his ground about? Music; he loved it and liked to surround himself with those that also enjoyed it. One of those individuals? Rhys Ichisada, a man that seemed to share similar taste in tunes. In fact, the duo would form several bands over the years, though most of them eventually came to an end. Still, they always remained on good terms as far as things were concerned. The man also was the one to give Trent his first piece of ink. Rhys would become one of his best friends, the duo doing a lot together. Some would even claim that they share a doom cloud, though Trent would proclaim that he is not nearly as bad as his companion. In the end, everyone needs someone that they can relate with – the older man just happened to be that individual.

Though the man has dated several women over the years, one in particular stands out in his mind. Her name was Alana and she brought forth several changes in his life – some for better and some for worse. The relationship lasted for two years; those years being some of the more pleasant that Trent would later admit. As good as things were and as much as he cared, the relationship eventually came to an end. The man didn’t take it well, especially considering that he wanted to ask her to marry him. Her reasoning? She had so much going on; she needed time to dedicate to those things. He understood; he couldn’t fault her on that. Still, it hurt – it hurt enough that the pain eventually would seep into rage. That emotion would fuel a bitter resentment for relationships years afterwards. His mentality? Fuck relationships. They were a hell of a lot of trouble, why bother? Thus for several years afterwards he delved into a life focusing on pleasure with zero attachment. One night stands, whatever served the current purpose. It would take another life altering event to straighten that course in his world.

As it would turn out, one of the girls he was sleeping with discovered she was pregnant. Instead of telling him, the woman took matters into her own hands. Only afterwards would she inform him of the abortion. Of course the news wasn’t taken well, though Trent wasn’t one to cry. Instead he raged, waved his ass as he typically would – and the female would exit his life for good. The event would cause him to reevaluate his previous ‘relationship’ protests; deciding it was probably safer to limit his rendezvous on some level. Trent didn’t want another experience like that popping up, but he was aware that it wasn’t outside of reason with his history. Still, it was best to make some attempts at damage control – and hope like hell he didn’t catch wind of anything else like that.

Life in Chicago always had its difficulties, and for a time? Trent seemed to be content with his surroundings. He managed to hold a relationship with a woman after his dealings with the abortion fiasco, though it too would prove to falter. It didn’t bother him, as he felt he didn’t need anybody crawling into his life. Slowly but surely he continued with his set goal of decking out most of his body in tattoos. A few more bumps in the road would happen here and there – from his ex-girlfriend Alana once again reentering his life; to her spreading rumors that he’d beaten her during their time together. Which, of course was complete shit – but that didn’t mean some doubted his innocence. In fact, several people believed the lies, due to Trent’s aggressive personality. Which, there was little that he could do to prove otherwise. In all? Just because he happened to be an asshole, didn’t mean he would hit a woman. The two weren’t related at all, and given the man’s upbringing and morals? He would never do such. It would prove to make him more cautious with those in his life…as if he really needed that added detail. Still, there were some positive things that happened during that time: one of which being his growing relationship with Rhys.

That friendship with his former bandmate would eventually delve into something more personal. Though, just as all his previous relationships went: this one would prove to fail. Thus, things were broken off, and both men tried to salvage their previous friendship status. In time, Rhys would move away; leaving Trent to question the wisdom behind ‘dating longtime friends’. Of course, he was told that it had nothing to do with him…but with the timing? What else was he supposed to think? Yet, during that period of time that his friend was absent? Trent didn’t date; instead – he decided that most people were just fucking ass-hats and didn’t deserve that kind of effort. There was also the fact that his dating life had been severely wounded due to Alana‘s lies.

Currently, Trent finds himself having recently settled in San Francisco. His reason for making the move mid-October of 2015? His sister, Maria – having moved to the city, needed some assistance. The issue? A casual fling led to the conception of a child. Naturally, given the awesome state of everything revolving around Trent’s life? Maria couldn’t afford to take care of the child on her own. In addition, the man that helped her conceive said child? Completely absent…though not denying the child and paying what was legally required of him. Unsure of what to do and needing moral and more financial support? She asked for Trent’s help – and he agreed. Thus, his move…which happens to be the same place his friend Rhys is currently residing. No doubt, the man would believe he’d done it simply because ‘he missed him’. However, none of that would matter – as the new environment could also prove to be a good place to restart his life. With no ugly rumors smearing his reputation, things could only move upward. So long as Alana didn’t materialize in the damned city.

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Basic Information

NAME: Trent Ryuu Watanabe
GOES BY: Trent
AGE: 33
DATE OF BIRTH: March 17th, 1982
HEIGHT: 5'9"

MARITAL STATUS: Complicated with Sabine and Rhys.

Auto Mechanic (Chicago).
Salesperson - Crescendo Music Shop.
HOMETOWN: Chicago, Illinois
Akio Watanabe
Hitomi Watanabe
♀ Maria Watanabe [29 - 2/10/1987]
♀ Ayame Watanabe [31 - 10/4/1984]

♂ Thomas Watanabe [nephew - 1 (04/08/2014)]


° On top of playing bass guitar, he does have a decent vocal range. Due to this, he has performed as lead vocalist on more than one occasion.

° Is excessively stubborn, to a ridiculous degree. Even when someone provides evidence, he’ll simply argue with them for the sake of arguing. Not only will he die on said hill: his broken, bloody body could be propped upon it – and he’d still burst into random curses in attempt to maintain his position.

° Despite his aggressive personality, Trent has a softer side – one that is reserved for the females he dates. Some that know him wouldn’t believe it, but he is actually rather caring and considerate to the women he gets with. Men? That’s another story, as he often is guilty of simply treating them like friends than anything else.

° Typically sticks to playing bass with bands, though has performed vocals on several occasions. As of now, he is seriously thinking of forming another band - one where he takes up lead vocals alongside the bass on a permanent basis.

° Smokes, but would like to try and quit. Thus far, he's been unsuccessful with his attempts.

° Loves hitting up bars. On a Friday night, he can typically be found at one with a drink in hand.

° Lives in a two bedroom apartment with his sister, Maria, and his nephew. His sister shares a room with her son.

° Has been working at Crescendo Music Shop since the beginning of November 2015. Secured the job after Tobias discovered his musical abilities.